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(461) Posted by Arno Tungler [Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 03:07]

Now I found it:
1.e5 2.Qh4 3.Qxh5 4.Qh2 5.h5 6.Rh6 7.Rf6 8.Rxf3 9.Rxb3 10.Rb2 11.Ba3 12.d6 13.Bg4 14.Sd7 15.O-O-O 16.Sb8 & axb7+ Rxb7#
Quite tricky and will not be easy to cook... Congratulations, Michel!
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(462) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 12:38]

I'm glad that the thread was revived. That's a good reason to update the list,
it's the 17th interim balance.

In my opinion Michel's new record is one of the best problems in this thread.
His outstanding ser-hs#16 beats the old record (331) by three moves.

It's hard to find the current record in section Ser-s= . It might be (113).
Several attempts surpass his problem but the might be cooked as well.

Current records are:

Ser-# ...11 ........... (39) Hilmar Ebert / Alexander Lehmkuhl (feenschach 1976)
Ser-= ...19 .......... (349) Arno Tüngler / Michael Schreckenbach
Ser-s# ..17 .......... (124) Frank Richter
Ser-s# ..17 .......... (128) Michael Schreckenbach
Ser-s# ..17 ................... Frank Richter / Olaf Jenkner
Ser-s= ..22 .......... (113) Michel Caillaud after D. Stojnić and M. Mladenović (C?)
Ser-r# ..13 .......... (421) Michel Caillaud
Ser-r= ..31 .......... (396) Michel Caillaud (C?)
Ser-!# ..14 .......... (325) Michael Schreckenbach / Frank Richter
Ser-!# MMM 16 .. (343) Michael Schreckenbach
Ser-!= ..30 .......... (386) Michel Caillaud (C?)
Ser-h# .KNC 11 .. (42) Michel Caillaud / Arno Tüngler
Ser-h# .. 15 ........ (222) Arno Tüngler / Miodrag Mladenović
Ser-h= .. 30 ........ (407) Michel Caillaud (C?)
Ser-hs# .16 ........ (459) Michel Caillaud (C?)
Ser-hs= .16 ........ (197) Arno Tüngler / Miodrag Mladenović (C?)

Everybody is invited to surpass one of the entries or to cook one marked C?.
I am expecting some additional moves in (386) and (197).

All entries of the record list and some more problems can be seen and autoplayed in the PDB:

............. Ser-#11 is
The last Ser-s#17 is
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(463) Posted by Arno Tungler [Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 17:20]

Maybe one move could be added?
(= 8+16 )

hs#17 C?
1.exf6 2.f5 3.Qh4 4.Qxh5 5.Qe2 6.h5 7.Rh6 8.Rg6 9.Rg3 10.Rxb3 11.Rb2 12.Ba3 13.d6 14.Be6 15.Sd7 16.O-O-O 17.Sb8 & axb7 Rxb7#
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(464) Posted by Arno Tungler [Monday, Feb 19, 2024 01:02]

Or even
(= 8+16 )

ser-hs#17 C?
1.exf6 2.f5 3.f4 4.Qxg5 5.Qxh5 6.Qh2 7.h5 8.Rh6 9.Rxe6 10.Re2 11.Rb2 12.Ba3 13.d6 14.Bg4 15.Sd7 16.O-O-O 17.Sb8 & axb7+ Rxb7#
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(465) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Monday, Feb 19, 2024 21:58]

Sorry for the missing solution.
It was intended as I myself better find cooks in problems when I don't know the solution (so I often miss "obvious cooks" in my own problems; some psychological bias...).
The best solving program here is Gustav but I could test only the last 10 moves (in more than 1 day).
I met the way to cook (463) and (464) when testing (459) : the Rook uses the e-file.
For example (464) : 1.exf6 2.Bc5 3.d6 4.Qe7 5.Qxe6 6.Qe2 7.Bh3 8.Sd7 9.0-0-0 10.Sb8 11.Sh6 12.Rhe8 13.Re3 14.Rb3 15.Rb2 16.Ba3 & 1.axb7+ Rxb7#
wPe4 in (459) is there to prevent a similar cook (with e7-e6xd5).
One possible way to add 1 move in (459) is having a S(or B or R?!)b6 instead of wPb3 (for 9.Rb3 10.Rxb6 11.Rb2) but this requires a lot more testing work...
This kind of record is a matter of finding the right trick. The field to explore is rather great. So I prefered to publish first the version I would like to keep in my files. When the record is beaten, the other versions extending the moves will have little value...
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(466) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 17:14]

@Arno (464)

Another cook with g6+ and not the axb7+

1.fxe6 2.Sxf6 3.Rg8 4.h6 5.Kf7 6.Qe8 7.bxc6 8.Bxa6 9.Bd3 10.Bb1 11.a5 12.a4 13.a3 14.a2 15.a1Q 16.Ra2 g6+ Bxg6#
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(467) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 18:13]

@Michel (463)

Another cook where bR is using the g-file for rook.

1.exf6 2.g6 3.gxh5 4.Sh6 5.Rg8 6.Rg3 7.Rxb3 8.Rb2 9.Qe7 10.Qxe4 11.Qe2 12.Ba3 13.d6 14.Bh3 15.Sd7 16.0-0-0 17.Sb8 & axb7+ Rxb7#
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(468) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 09:14]

(465) Alexey Gasparyan did the testing work I was too lazy to do :
Sb6 : 1.e5 2.Bc5 3.bxc6 4.Bxa6 5.Bf1 6.Qh4 7.Qh1 8.Ke7 9.Kd6 10.Se7 11.g6 12.gxh5 13.Rg8 14.Rg2 & 1.Sc4+ Bxc4#
Bb6 : 1.e5 2.Bc5 3.Bg1 4.Qh4 5.Qh1 6.Kf8 7.dxc6 8.Bd7 9.Be8 10.Sh6 11.Rg8 12.Sd7 13.Sc5 14.Rd8 15.Rd6 16.Rg6 17.Rg2 & 1.Bxc5+ Bxc5#
Rb6 : 1.g5 2.g4 3.gxf3 4.Sf6 5.Sxd5 6.Sc3 7.dxc6 8.c5 9.Qd3 10.Qe2 11.Bg7 12.0-0 13.Kh8 14.Rg8 15.h6 & 1.Rxh6+ Bxh6#
Nice job!

(467) Yes, Miodrag. Without Sg8 a similar cook is possible in (459) (with g7-g6xh5; Rh8-g8...) so that this is a rare case in this thread where all black officers are useful, Sg8 having only a passive use.
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(469) Posted by [Thursday, Mar 7, 2024 12:34]

I admire Michel's record-breaking task (Ser.hs#16). Great job!
As for my problem,in my opinion,the last thing that can be done in this scheme is to pick up a square g4 instead of a pawn h3 with a rook g6.I wonder if this will help?
W:Kd1,Rb6,Rg6,Bc6,Bg3,Nd3,Nd6,pp.a5,b3,e6,f2 (11) B:homebase (16) Ser.hs#14
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