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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 4th round 2009
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009 19:27]

Theme for the 4th round 2009

Genre: Selfmate in 2 (s#2)

Theme: In at least two variations black closes the line of a black piece which mates in a threat. It can be either a line along which the black piece moves on mating move, or a line along which it attacks the white king. A double-check threat is acceptable. (Proposed by Živko Janevski, but again the judging will be collective.)

Thematic threat:
- A black piece must move and attack directly the white king. Thematic are only defences which close either the line between its departure and arrival square, or between its arrival square and the white king.
- A black battery can be opened with a double-check, but only closing the front piece line(s) is thematic.
- Two or more threats are not allowed.


Živko Janevski
original for Mat Plus 2009
(= 8+10 )

(1.Sd7? Sg7!, 1.S4d5? Sg5! - tries are not required by theme!)

1.S6d5! ~ 2.Sxf6+ Bxf6#
   1... Sg7 2.Bf5+ Sxf5#
   1... Sg5 2.exf3+ Sxf3#
Both defences are thematic!

Judge: Members of MatPlus.Net*

Closing date: November 15th, 2009

Send problems to:
Milan Velimirović, Milentija Popovića 35/6, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

or by e-mail to: (with subject LP 4/2009)

or online: fill the input form Originals..LP 2009-4 on this site – ensure that correct section (LP2009, Round 4) is selected!

* Judging: Each registered member of MatPlus.Net is invited to make his or her ranking of entries. The twelve best placed problems from each list will score the points according to the LP Rules. The points will be summed and the problem with the highest total will be the winner, the one with next to highest will be the runner up and so on. The top 12 problems will score the points for the 3rd round of LP in the way regulated by the LP rules. The problems with the same totals will share the places in the final award. The lists with less than 12 ranked problems will be discarded (provided that there are 12 or more entries, otherwise all problems must be ranked for a valid list). You should use the online application (which is an extension to the existing “Your comment to originals…”) to prepare your lists. Comments are welcome wherever you find it suitable or deserved. No E-mail or snailmail submission of judgements please, these will be rejected! Problems will be presented to members in anonymous form, each under the randomly chosen pseudonym. The authorship of problems will be protected since each individual access to each problem will be recorded and made available for use in case of unwanted situations.
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(2) Posted by Administrator [Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009 19:35]

(announcement in Serbian language)

Vrsta: Samomat u 2 (s#2)

Tema: U najmanje dve varijante crni zatvara liniju crne figure koja matira u pretnji. To može da bude bilo linija po kojoj se crna figura kreće u matnom potezu, ili linija po kojoj ona napada belog kralja. Pretnja dvostrukim šahom je prihvatljiva. (Pedlog Živka Janevskog, ali će suđenje biti kolektivno.)

Tematska pretnja:
- U pretnji crna figura mora da igra i da direktno napadne belog kralja; tematske su samo one odbrane koje zatvaraju liniju te figure od njenog početnog do odredišnog polja, ili od odredišnog polja do belog kralja.
- Pretnja može da otvori crnu bateriju sa dvostrukim šahom, ali samo zatvaranja linija prednje figure su tematska.
- Dvostruka ili višestruka pretnja nije dozvoljena.


Živko Janevski
original za Mat Plus 2009
(= 8+10 )

(1.Sd7? Sg7!, 1.S4d5? Sg5! - varke nisu tematski zahtev!)

1.S6d5! ~ 2.Sxf6+ Lxf6#
   1... Sg7 2.Lf5+ Sxf5#
   1... Sg5 2.exf3+ Sxf3#
Obe odbrane su tematske!

Sudija: Članovi MatPlus.Net

Rok za slanje: 15. novembar 2009

Probleme slati na:
Milan Velimirović, Milentija Popovića 35/6, 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija

ili kao e-mail za: (sa subjektom LP 4/2009)

ili: popuniti formular Originals..LP 2009-4 na ovom sajtu (izabrati korektnu sekciju: LP2009, Round 4)
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(3) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Oct 8, 2009 09:22]; edited by Frank Richter [09-10-08]

One question concerning black battery mates:
In the following position

(= 4+6 )

is the threat 2.Qb6+ B:b6#
Are the defences of the black knight
1.- Se1
1.- Se3
thematic? Or only one of it? Or are only black direct mates required?
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(4) Posted by Administrator [Thursday, Oct 8, 2009 11:01]

The commentary on the threat is added to the original post in brown letters.

Also the wording is changed in the last sentence meaning that:
- double or multiple threat is not thematic
- a double-check mate is thematic (but see the commentary!)
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(5) Posted by Frank Richter [Tuesday, Oct 13, 2009 15:54]

Again for clearance:

Can a black battery opened in threat without double-check? And black would try to close the moving line of the front piece?
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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 4th round 2009