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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 3rd round 2009
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Sunday, Jul 19, 2009 19:04]

Theme for the 3rd round 2009

Theme: Series helpmate (sh#) in any number of moves with two or more solutions, each ending with a pin-mate. Fairy pieces or additional fairy conditions are not allowed. See examples 1 and 2. Following conditions must be met:
(1) All solutions must be of the same length
(2) All solutions must end with a pin mate (i.e. if there is a solution without pin mate the problem will be disqualified as non-thematic)
(3) All solutions must start with different move (example 3 is not thematic since two solutions are opened by 1.c3)
(4) Static pins are considered non-thematic; this means that in the course of solution either black king or the black piece which is eventually pinned must make at least one move (example 4 is not thematic since black king does not move and the pin of black queen in one or black bishop in another solution is already set in the initial position).

1. Janos Csák
StrateGems 2000
(= 5+11 )
sh#4, 2 sol.

1.Se2 2.Qg2 4.Kd5 Bxg2#
1.Sd2 2.Rf2 3.Kc5 4.b5 Bxf2#
Double-pin mates.

2. Chris Feather feenschach
37.TT 1978
(= 7+5 )
sh#5, 2 sol.

1.Sxf5 2.Kd6 3.Sg7 4.Se6 5.Kd7 Sxc2#
1.Sxd4 2.Ke6 3.Sb5 4.Sd6 5.Kd7 Sxh4#
Zilahi theme.

3. Jorge J. Lois feenschach
37.TT 1978
(= 9+8 )
sh#7, 3 sol.

1.gxf3 3.f1=B 4.Bg2 6.Kc6 7.Bd5 Rxc4#
1.c3 2.cxb2 3.b1=S 4.Sxd2 5.Sxf3 6.Se5 7.Kd6 Rc6#
1.c3 2.cxd2 3.d1=R 4.Rd5 5.Rc5 7.Kc6 fxg4#
NOT THEMATIC: Last two start with the same first move which is not allowed for LP 3/2009!

4. Tode Ilievski Best Problems
(= 7+8 )
sh#7, 2 sol

1.axb2 2.b1=S 3.Sa3 4.Sb5 5.Bxc6 6.Be8 7.Bh5 Qxe4#
2.a1=S 3.Sxb3 4.Sa5 5.Qxa6 6.Qb6 7.Qxb2 Qxa5#
NOT THEMATIC: Static pins are not allowed for LP 3/2009!

Judge: Members of MatPlus.Net*

Closing date: August 20th, 2009

Send problems to:
Milan Velimirović, Milentija Popovića 35/6, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

or by e-mail to: (with subject LP 3/2009)

or online: fill the input form Originals..LP 2009-3 on this site – ensure that correct section (LP2009, Round 3) is selected!

Announcements in PDF format (with additional examples):
English language:
Српски језик:

* Judging: Each registered member of MatPlus.Net is invited to make his or her ranking of entries. The twelve best placed problems from each list will score the points (12 for the 1st place, 11 for the 2nd and so on until 1 point for the 12th). The points will be summed and the problem with the highest total will be the winner, the one with next to highest will be the runner up and so on. The top 12 problems will score the points for the 3rd round of LP in the way regulated by the LP rules. The problems with the same totals will share the places in the final award. The lists with less than 12 ranked problems will be discarded (provided that there are 12 or more entries, otherwise all problems must be ranked for a valid list). You should use the online application (which is an extension to the existing “Your comment to originals…”) to prepare your lists. Comments are welcome wherever you find it suitable or deserved. No E-mail or snailmail submission of judgements please, these will be rejected! Problems will be presented to members in anonymous form, each under the randomly chosen pseudonym. The authorship of problems will be protected since each individual access to each problem will be recorded and made available for use in case of unwanted situations.
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(2) Posted by Administrator [Sunday, Jul 19, 2009 23:22]

Itamar Faybish noticed an error in PDF vresions of the announcement. Example No.20 is actually thematic, and it is now No.19 in the corrected PDFs.
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(3) Posted by Steven Dowd [Monday, Jul 20, 2009 18:47]

Isn't the Feather not only a regular Zilahi but also a "block Zilahi" as it was once called or a Chumakov, in that not only is the white mating piece captured for the regular Zilahi but at the end the black piece that was used for a block in the other phase is captured?
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(4) Posted by Administrator [Friday, Jul 24, 2009 14:52]

Q: Are twins allowed? (from Aleksandr Semenenko, by e-mail)

A: Twins are allowed, provided that each position satisfies the theme. Each position must have two or more solutions (of the same length etc...). However, the number of solutions may differ, for example: 2 sol in position (a), 3 sol in position (b) etc.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 3rd round 2009