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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Dec 4, 2006 17:24]

Some work for you all :-)

If you know the work that predates mine (I always encountered it
during my life, so it exists, alas it was before Internet and
I didn't bother to save a reference), shoot.

1. Double Andersen
IS 18 (Nr.1) 3# on page
The earlier is much more economical, using bKg1,Bh1,Pg2 and
the reciprocal intersection of wB and R happens on f4.
Otherwise identical.

2. Earliest wS-bB duel
IS 27 (Nr.24) also on that page
Setup is like bKa1,Pa2 wKc2 and a black-field bishop that
desperately tries to fend off the S from b3 (or c2).
Done umphty times.

3. IS 45 (Nr.4) ditto
A bR (or B) moves into the check line of a promo threat.
White promotes to S instead, leaving it in focal position.
Brunner? Kraemer? Zepler? I browsed their collected works
from top to down without luck. (Intended copycatting here,
so it must be somewhere in my lib :-)

4. My first Schwalbe (5218), 1st on page
Mate on all fields around the bK. I economizing an earlier
SCHWALBE problem with the same theme but also can't find
it anymore. bK was on c4 there I think. When I told this
taksmaster Jeremy Morse he immediately did a problem which
had even a mate on the bK field (after flight). Was in the
Problemist, at about the time when his task book was out in
1st edition. Need both problems of course :-)

5. Schach-Report #6322, 2nd on page
8 P unblock for a S battery. My problem is totally crap
against the one I found in a FIDE Album. But I can't find
that anymore either.
If you have a complete backup of Schach-Report, please help
me also nailing down the question marks in that section.
Also, if you have all the judge reports (#2) which got hidden
in the local add-on of SR and are virtually inaccessible,
please contact me. (E.g., I need the problem which anticipates
my SR#4721 and was mentioned there. And I still have an axe
to grind with the guy that gave just a 2.Lob to SR4311 and
nothing to SR4480 :-) (*If* that's so; I have no reports at all)

6. NOZ1140, also on that page
Here Sherlock Holmes is needed! :-) I'm complete befuddled
of the theme, I only know I saw a tourney report in the SCHWALBE
and immediately had to top the referenced problem task-wise.
It was some "modern" theme, no wonder I'm befuddled :-)
(Yeah, clearly a wS obstructs wPs, but that wasn't all.)

7. LJ6, third on page
A cross-check problem; my version has some modern stuff added
but it's virtually the identical matrix.

8. UE1, also on that page
I think Brunner did the "Turmrutsche", but do you think
I can find it in the Brunner-Buch? I doubled it but surely
this has been done before.

Why should you do all this hard work? Well, good deeds are their
own reward :-) (And I would do the same for you. And if you ever
have a constructional or economicisation problem...)


P.S. If you find it easier to see the diagrams on one big page,
say so and I collect and store them somewhere. Sordidly I can't
update my webpage anymore.

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(2) Posted by Frank Richter [Tuesday, Dec 5, 2006 08:53]; edited by Frank Richter [06-12-05]

Here are the first answers:
No. 4:

Sir Christopher Jeremy Morse
The Problemist Supplement Mai 1999
(= 10+9 )

1. Tc4! (2. cb8S) ...Sc7/Tb7/Tc8 2. Tc7/c8D/Dc6, ...Td8/Te8/Le7+ 2. cd8D/fe8D/de7, ...Ld6/Te6/Kc8 2. Dd6/De6/d7 - white moves to all fields around the bK including his initial field

No 5:
Your 3622 was published 3/1989, the 3692 in 10/89. No awards according to the Albrecht-Degener-DB. The 4311 was published 2/1994, 2nd commendation.
4409 was published 11/1994, 4480 in May 1995.
No. 13691 was published in Schach 11/1996.
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(3) Posted by Frank Richter [Tuesday, Dec 5, 2006 09:32]

And the second part - 8 unblocks for a S-battery:

Comins Mansfield
British Chess Magazine IV/1970
1. hon. Mention
(= 14+10 )

1. b4? ...Kc3!; 1. fg6? ..Sg6!; 1. ba6? ...Tb4!; 1. c7? ...Td6!; 1. ef7? ...Sf7!; 1. f4? ...Tf4!; 1. e3? ...Td2!; 1. c4! (2. Sc2) ...Kc3/Tb5/Tc6,Sc6 2. Sc2/Sb5/Sc6, ...fe6/Sf5+ 2. Se6/Sf5, ...Tf3,Sf3/Te2 2. Sf3/Se2

Or an orthogonal example:

Pieter le Grand
Probleemblad - 146. TT XII/1989
9. Comm.
(= 12+9 )

1. c6?, 1. d7?, 1. c4?, 1. d3?, 1. f7?, 1. f3?, 1. gh6? ...e1D!; 1. Te3! (2. Sg3) ...bc5/Sc3/Ld6 2. Sc5/Sc3/Sd6, ...Sd2/Lf6/hg5/Sf2 2. Sd2/Sf6/Sg5/Sf2

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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Dec 5, 2006 14:34]

THX a lot!

The Mansfield version is NOT the one I found in the FIDE-Album,
though - that one even had a wrong try with the right pawn.
But this problem will suffice as example. (As you see, I only
steal from the creme de la creme :-)

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(5) Posted by Frank Richter [Wednesday, Dec 6, 2006 08:25]

May be you mean the following version:

Patrick O´Shea
(after Mansfield/Dobrila)
The Problemist IX/1997
(= 14+10 )


1.g6? hxg6!
1.gxh6! (2.Sg5#)
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(6) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Dec 6, 2006 14:34]

Dobrila! *That* sounds familiar. (Now I can simply scan
the FIDE Albums by index. But surely you can do that faster
with your CD :-)

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(7) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Dec 7, 2006 15:46]; edited by Frank Richter [06-12-07]

The Dobrila is quite similar to Mansfields problem:
(W: Ke4 Dd1 Ta4 La2 Lf6 Sd4 Se7 Bb3 Bb5 Bc2 Bc6 Be2 Be6 Bf3 Bf5
S: Kb2 Tb6 Tf2 Le8 Sa1 Sh8 Ba6 Bf7 Bg6; 1.c4!, The Problemist 1992) I cannot believe that such a work was included into the Album.
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MatPlus.Net Forum X-Files: Anticipations Some work for you all :-)