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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade The problem that anticipated itself :-)
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Feb 11, 2024 20:07]

The problem that anticipated itself :-)

Yes, of course a problem can anticipate itself - if it is
printed in two different sources. (He who never made this
goof shall throw the first stone.)
But a single-source problem anticipating itself??

Lo and behold, my SCHWALBE 19613 did the trick.
At least if you believe anything written black on white:
(translation mine) "The idea of the 19613 was
lifted from the 19613 of last year."
OK, if you allow for a time machine too... :-)
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(2) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 10:53]

What is missing is your reading comprehension. It says:

Bei der Idee zur 19613 stand eine Aufgabe des Autors der 19613 vom letzten Jahr Pate.

(The idea of 19613 is based on a problem by the author of 19613 from last year.)

And looking at the problem, it is beyond my comprehension how that is even published. wK is in check, the solution is absolutely obvious, and it is a pawn promotion to a queen.
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(3) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Feb 15, 2024 21:27]

If you a trying to hint the problem is crap...
you are probably right. :-) But remember I am doing themes,
not problems, in the first place. I'll never have the
elegance of a Mansfield, or the depth of a Papack.
(I *would* dare to bring back Loshinski from the dead,
challenge him to a task fight and kill him with a roundhouse
kick wait, that was Chuck Norris :-)
Too bad the wrong number for the inspiration was given,
or you would realize what was the point. (I'm too lazy
to browse through 6*9 problems - the point obviously
was self-pin of the wQ followed by unpin, 2x.)
Here are some good versions of the basic theme.
Enter e.g. "EntfesselungSWofD2%SelbstfesselungWofD2" into
"Thema 1" of Albrecht. Have a price:
(= 10+9 )

Marian Wrobel, Praca, 6.11. 1953, 2. Preis
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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade The problem that anticipated itself :-)