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(1) Posted by Steven Dowd [Sunday, Feb 8, 2009 18:07]


Could someone explain this one to me? It's called Pseudo-Kiss Complet in another database. Letter explanations OK, but I would really like something verbal. I also found some moremovers using this two move theme, does anyone think that is a good thing intentionally or was it just an artifact the program picked up?
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(2) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Sunday, Feb 8, 2009 22:09]

As you probably know, Kiss cycle is a new-strategical theme the best characterized by scheme
1.A 1...a, b 2.B#, C#
1.B 1...a, b 2.C#, A#

Complete Kiss theme then adds the third phase
1.C 1...a, b 2.A#, B#

While Kiss cycle is just difficult to show, complete Kiss theme is devilishly difficult to show. As far as I know, no orthodox twomover managed to do that.

Then, if we move to the area of pseudo- themes, this is entirely different matter. Pseudo- themes in this area are characterized by the fact that defences might be (or should be, depending on the interpretation) different. Complete pseudo-Kiss cycle is then:

1.A 1...a, b 2.B#, C#
1.B 1...c, d 2.C#, A#
1.C 1...e, f 2.A#, B#

Actually, it is very easy to show e.g. in the variations of the orthodox threemover (ocassionally called Visserman approach to new-strategical themes) by using known Jacobs mechanism of three black pieces guarding pairs of three possible mates and simple withdrawals. E.g.

Jean-Marc Loustau
3rd Prize USPB 1984
(= 9+11 )


1.h7! th. 2.h8B/Q
1...Sxh7 2.Bb2+ Rd4, Rc3 3.Rxc5#, Qe2#
1...Ra7 2.Rxc5+ Sd5, Rd5 3.Qe2#, Bb2#
1...Rh1 2.Qe2+ Re3, Se4 3.Bb2#, Rxc5#

So, I think that the pattern theme in threemovers (and some fourmovers) is actually consequence of the strategy. But the pattern itself is very easy to show in the given mechanism.
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(3) Posted by Steven Dowd [Monday, Feb 9, 2009 14:27]

Thanks. Does Pseudo then mean that one of the cycles might not be fulfilled, just most of them?

I ask because as I filled in the table (a to A, etc), everything corresponded but one of the cycles.
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(4) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Monday, Feb 9, 2009 21:15]

Complete means all white moves appear at all phases. Without "complete" two phases are enough.
Pseudo- means that defences might be (or should be) different, not the same in all phases.
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(5) Posted by Steven Dowd [Monday, Feb 9, 2009 23:27]

Juraj you are an excellent educational resource. Thank you so much for being so helpful to the problem community.
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