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MatPlus.Net Forum General gvozdjak-50 jt c 16.11.2015
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(1) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Sunday, Nov 16, 2014 14:13]

gvozdjak-50 jt c 16.11.2015

1st phase: defences a, b - mates A, B
2nd phase: defences a, b - mates B, C
3rd phase: defences a, b - mates C, A

more details:
all of you are invited to participate and enjoy this difficult theme!
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(2) Posted by shankar ram [Sunday, Nov 16, 2014 15:36]

Hello Peter!
Still remember your 30-JT..
Time flies..
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(3) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Monday, Nov 17, 2014 00:10]

hi shankar ram,
and i still admire your entries from then!
well, it is time to repeat...
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(4) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 13:14]

several days ago ludovit lacny asked me what would be interesting to compose for this tourney.

not to give him too much advantage, i am repeating these hints here:
- 3-phase cycle, in an orthodox selfmate in 2 or 3 moves
- the same in reflex mate
- 4-fold cycle in an orthodox threemover
- any fairy twomover (3, 4, but maybe also 5 phases…)
- fairy threemover in 3 phases, but with cycle of W2-W3 moves added
- etc, etc…

and do not forget: 11 months left!
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(5) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Saturday, Jan 17, 2015 11:03]

here is the list of entries submitted so far:

01 (miroslav s.) ortho #2 (b7/e4)
02 (juraj l.) fairy #2 (g2/d2)
03 (evgeni b.) fairy semi-reflex#2 (f3/g5)
04 (jozef h.) ortho #2 (f1/e4)
05 (james q.) fairy #2 (h4/d4)
06 (juraj b.) fairy #2 (a2/d4)
07a (juraj b.) fairy #2 (a2/b4)
07b (juraj b.) fairy #2 (d3/b4)

please keep them coming! - 10 months left…
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(6) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Monday, Feb 16, 2015 19:54]

number of entries is constantly growing.
here is the updated list:

08 (juraj b.) fairy #2 (h5/d5)
09 (evgeni b.) ortho r#2 (f5/e8)
10 (marcel t.) ortho #3 (c8/e3)
11 (franz p.) fairy #2 (g1/d5)
12 (franz p.) fairy #2 (a5/d6)
13 (eugene r.) ortho #2 (c5/f8)
14 (eugene r.) fairy #2 (g3/e4)

and yes, still nine months to go!
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(7) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015 09:00]

Oh... So many in orthodox also ! Should be a great tourney!
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(8) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015 14:19]

it seems so... join us!
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(9) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Monday, Mar 16, 2015 17:16]

who will have courage to build something similar (in a modified matrix) to the great milan´s threemover?:

now eight months left, here is the updated list:
15a (juraj b.) fairy #2 (b8/e6)
15b (juraj b.) fairy #2 (b8/e6)
15c (juraj b.) fairy #2 (c8/f6)
15d (juraj b.) fairy #2 (c8/f6)
15e (juraj b.) fairy #2 (b6/e6)
15f (juraj b.) fairy #2 (h1/e6)
15g (juraj b.) fairy #2 (h1/e6)
16 (evgeni b.) ortho r#2 (f4/f2)
17a (juraj l.) fairy s#2 (d2/d5)
17b (juraj l.) fairy s#2 (e2/e5)
18 (karol m.) fairy #2 (e6/h5)
19 (karol m.) fairy #2 (e6/-)
19a (karol m.) fairy #2 (d5/-)
20 (karol m., jan g.) fairy #2 (f5/-)
21 (karol m.) fairy #2 (d5/-)
21a (karol m.) fairy #2 (d5/-)
22 (karol m.) fairy #2 (c6/-)
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(10) Posted by shankar ram [Tuesday, Mar 17, 2015 17:00]

Seems very tough to repeat in a ortho 3#..
Miodrag did it with Ns..
Anybody know of other examples..?
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(11) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Thursday, Apr 16, 2015 14:45]

well, tough themes... don´t you like difficult ideas?
should i build such ortho threemover? c´mon, try it!
some other hints:
- another ortho #3 with quiet W2 moves
- orhodox S#2 or S#3
- fairy #2 in four phases

and yes, seven months left, here is the monthly updated list:
23 (jan g.) fairy #2 (d5/-)
23a (jan g.) fairy #2 (d4/-)
23b (jan g.) fairy #2 (d4/a1)
23c (jan g.) fairy #2 (c4/a1)
24 (reto a.) fairy #2 (-/e3)
25 (karol m.) fairy r#1 (a2/e4)
25a (karol m., jan g.) fairy r#1 (a3/e5)
26 (karol m.) fairy h#1 (f4/a6)
27a (jan g.) fairy #2 (d5/-)
27b (jan g.) fairy #2 (e4/h2)
28 (karol m.) fairy h#1 (f4/a8)
29 (paz e.) fairy #2 (f6/d8)
29a (paz e.) fairy #2 (h8/d8)
30 (ludovit l.) ortho #2 (g1/d4)
31 (reto a.) fairy #2 (h8/b4)
32 (hubert g.) fairy #2 (c8/a7)
33a (ludovit l.) fairy #2 (h7/d5)
33b (ludovit l.) fairy #2 (h7/d5)
33c (ludovit l.) fairy #2 (g3/c5)
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(12) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Saturday, May 16, 2015 20:05]

we are in a half-time already... last month update follows:
31a (reto a.) fairy #2 (h8/b4)
34 (michael b.) fairy #2 (h3/d8)
35 (jan d.) fairy #2 (e1/e5)
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(13) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015 14:00]

monthly update:
35a (jan d.) fairy #2 (e1/e5)
35b (jan d.) fairy #2 (e1/e5)
36 (franz p.) fairy #2 (g1/e4)
37 (narayan s.r.) fairy #2 (e8/e2)
38 (miroslav s.) orthodox #2 (b7/d3)
39 (miroslav s.) orthodox #3 (c2/d5)
40 (ludovit l.) fairy #2 (a8/c4)

still wanted:
- orthodox selfmate
- orthodox threemover with theme between variations
- fairy with 5-phase cycle

18 authors so far, 5 months left.
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(14) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Friday, Jun 19, 2015 14:29]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [15-06-19]

Happy to see Narayan Shankar back into composing. Just got his tourney entry for my eyes only. Enjoying analysing its mechanism and effects - of course indulgently ignoring its only defect! :D
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(15) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Friday, Jun 19, 2015 17:00]

I am wondering how r#1 can be thematic?

25 (karol m.) fairy r#1 (a2/e4)

There are two defenses required and there are no defenses in r#1 at all. Or I am missing something?
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(16) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Friday, Jun 19, 2015 19:22]; edited by Peter Gvozdjak [15-06-19]

yes, me too.
just today NSR sent me a photo of the two "cyclones" he received a few hours ago.
and promised he will analyze and compose more...
(this was my answer to post 14.)
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(17) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Friday, Jun 19, 2015 19:25]

to misha (post 15):

just change the colours, and use twins...
(this is the same as a h#1 with re-changed colours.)
...almost endless options for your creativity.
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(18) Posted by shankar ram [Saturday, Jun 20, 2015 07:32]

"..the same as a h#1.."

Yesterday Seetharaman and I were discussing how it would look..

I think for a H#1 with twins(a), b), c)) and 3 black moves(a,b,c) and 3 W moves(A,B,C):
a) 1.a, A#
1.b, B#
b) 1.a, B#
1.b, C#
c) 1.a, C#
1.b, A#

And for a R#1:
a) 1.A, a#
1.B, b#
b) 1.A, b#
1.B, c#
c) 1.A, c#
1.B, a#

Easier to write out..!
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(19) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, Jun 20, 2015 07:45]

Still wonder how a r#1 is different from h#1 (except for the colors changed).
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(20) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Thursday, Jul 16, 2015 10:17]

the tourney is coming to the quarter-final.

20 authors so far, 4 months left, here´s the monthly update:
35c (jan d.) fairy #2 (e1/e5)
41 (gerhard m.) orthodox =2 (h6/e5)
42 (thomas m.) fairy #2 (d1/d2)
43 (gerhard m.) orthodox =2 (a7/d7)

still time enough for new ideas build from the scratch.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General gvozdjak-50 jt c 16.11.2015