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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Notes?
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(1) Posted by Uri Avner [Sunday, Jan 21, 2007 00:32]; edited by Uri Avner [07-01-21]


Milan, why can't I enter into "Notes"? The problem exists for some time now.
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(2) Posted by David Knezevic [Sunday, Jan 21, 2007 00:42]

I must check.

Can you see the "Notes" menu item at all?
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(3) Posted by Uri Avner [Sunday, Jan 21, 2007 02:02]

Yes, I can see "notes".
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(4) Posted by David Knezevic [Sunday, Jan 21, 2007 08:40]

The situation encountered in worst possible moment: last night I went to sleep earlier (around 3 o'clock) with idea to be fresh for today's solving. Alas, I woke up few hours later and could not go back to sleep because of "notes problem". At least, I'll have a good excuse if I don't solve well today :)

Uri, I cannot figure out why you cannot access notes. I tried to login with your username (yes, the administrator can always do it - but don't worry, here your privacy is guaranteed), clicked on "notes" and everything was OK.

The fact is that a week ago (to be precise: on January 15th), I redirected all requests to updated application (.../test2), after Harry Fougiaxis and myself tested it for some time. I expected this transition to go transparently, though maybe it was not so. I suspect that this caused the problem you are experiencing, but I don't see why. The only possible reason I can think of is the proxy: in case that you stored the URL among your favorites and access this site from there, it is possible that you get the old version of start page. Sometimes a simple "Refresh" (or "Reload") forces the current version to be fetched from server. Or you could try to enter the new URL manually:

It is not easy (for me) to debug this type of application, and more feedback would be very helpful. I would like to hear from other members if they have similar problems.
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(5) Posted by Uri Avner [Sunday, Jan 21, 2007 22:42]; edited by Uri Avner [07-01-21]

@ Milan

Sorry about your insomnia. I hope you did well anyway. In fact I just came back from the ISC in Tel Aviv, where I'd been the director, so I could have a little snooze, while Hillel Aloni was watching the solvers...

I tried everything you suggested, even logout and login again, but it didn't help much: a white screen is what I get when trying to access "Notes".

By the way, the same happens when I'm trying to access "members online" via the icon.

Lately I've installed "Norton Internet Security 2007". Could this explain anything? However, no message from Norton is displayed while I'm trying to access "Notes" or "members online".
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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Notes?