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MatPlus.Net Forum General Is there a twin?
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(1) Posted by Kevin Begley [Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012 18:13]; edited by Kevin Begley [12-12-12]

Is there a twin?

József Szöghy
3rd Prize Club d'Echecs Vizugyi, 1976
(= 8+1 )


This rather simple #2 problem is in the Win Chloe database without any twin.
But, I recently saw it with b) wKa6->c1 ?!?.

The twin (if it really was published this way) seems odd.
Solving it, I couldn't help but expect the solution you'd get from b) wKa6->g6 (which is more thematic, even if the two variations lead to the same mating move). Also, b) wKa6->g4 is somewhat thematic.

Was there a twin published?
If so, was there only one twin (and not the 2 better twins)?
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(2) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012 22:35]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [12-12-12]

b)Ka6->d1 has 2 sols.
I guess such a set of 4 twins with 2 white Grimshaw should have been done.
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(3) Posted by Administrator [Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 01:08]

As far as I remember there is only one twin ...
Piotr Murdzia probably remembers it too :-)

See page 6 (page no.84) in:
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(4) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 02:48]

The list of the guests who were not welcomed is missing :)
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(5) Posted by Kevin Begley [Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 14:39]; edited by Kevin Begley [12-12-13]

It is possible that this solving contest only featured two of the twins.
Possibly even deliberately, to trouble solvers, by avoiding simple thematic analogies.

But, as a composition, it is difficult to believe that an easily achieved second Grimshaw twin would be left unexploited -- particularly difficult to believe, when you consider this problem earned a prize.
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(6) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Sunday, Dec 16, 2012 03:48]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [12-12-16]

The wPa2 and Pg3 give it away. There clearly must be variations where they are used, so I believe the twin Ka6->c1 and Ka6->g6(g5) are both right, and probably also Ka6->g4(e2,f2,g3). Maybe even Ka6->b7(c7,d7) as a kind of antithesis.
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(7) Posted by [Sunday, Dec 16, 2012 22:38]

a) 1. Re7!
b) wK c1 (1. Sa3!)
c) wK b7 (1. Re4+!)
d) wK f1 (1. Be4!)
e) wK g5 (1. Be7!)
f) wK g3 (1. Kf3!)

cook in d) 1. Re3
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Is there a twin?