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(21) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Friday, Apr 1, 2022 17:07]

Also in the calendar of competitions in Russia was not...
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(22) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Friday, Apr 1, 2022 18:57]

@Martin : We should all accept this decision.
Not so far of the definition of a dictature, aren't we?

Of course, I feel emotion and anger thinking of my friend for more than 40 years Andrey Frolkin under the bombs. Not forgetting millions of other Ukrainian people.

However we have here the A Posteriori transformation of 11th WCCT into 1st WWRBRCCT (World Without Russia and BeloRussia Chess Composition Tourney).
Under these citcumstances, I wrote to the french team captain, Axel Gilbert, that I will not participate to the judgement of the Retro Section.
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(23) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Friday, Apr 1, 2022 19:41]

Bravo Michel ! By the way, Martin's post was (sorry Martin) an example of perfect mental confusion.
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(24) Posted by Valery Gurov [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 05:16]

Как пишет мой сын:+1
А как пишу я: нахрен ваш WCCI!!!
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(25) Posted by Valery Gurov [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 05:31]

Браво, Франция!!! Русские всегда любили вас, даже когда воевали а 1812-14году. Извините, если обиделись но я правда восхищён и вами и Кевином!!!
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(26) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 08:01]

I agree, Valery. "Fuck them all!" (Mylene Farmer).
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(27) Posted by Martin Minski [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 08:46]

@Michel: Dictatorship?
It is a democratic decision of the delegates.

What do you think the alternative would be?
Everywhere in sport, teams from Russia and Belarus are excluded. There is no such thing as neutrality.

Personally, I would prefer the 11th WCCT to end entirely. I would prefer that to cheering for a Russian team while Igor Yarmonov disappeared into a Mariupol basement.

@Alain: Your tone is sharp.
Gone are the days when we walked around Belgrade like friends.

Michal Hlinka asked me whether I would accept studies of Russian composers as a judge of Ceskoslovensky sach 2022. Of course I accept every study. I don't think individuals should be sanctioned. That would send the wrong signal. In this respect, the editors of The Problemist should reconsider their measures.

I am skeptical about some editors' considerations of only accepting Russian and Belarusian compositions when the composer protests against the war in Ukraine. You can't pressure a Russian to protest the war when he can be arrested for it in Russia. Besides, how do you want to check that in practice?
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(28) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 09:29]

Спасибо, Валерий. Действительно, Францию не следует путать с прогнившими традиционными СМИ.
No, Martin, this friendship is not gone. Ich sprach von einem Text, nicht von einem Menschen
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(29) Posted by Martin Minski [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 09:35]

My "Text" is not confused. Maybe you have a different opinion than me. :)
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(30) Posted by Kevin Begley [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 09:43]

How to become a domestic tyrant:

1) Provide people with a villain.
You will need a terrible villain, so you may cast all blame for your acts of evil upon your villain character.
Sure, "we tortured some folks", and we blacklisted some folks, but the villain made us do it.

2) Insist there is no such thing as a neutral position ("Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make: either you are with us, or you are with the [villain]").
Establish that anyone who undercuts your authority may be blacklisted (if they weren't with you, they were with the villain -- there's no neutrality).

3) Pretend the people voted for this tyranny you now aim to provide them (your tyranny is strictly for their own good).

I have seen this movie before, though I never thought I'd see it play out in a chess problem forum. I must say, on this scale, it's a tragic comedy watching these tiny tyrants pretend they are fighting Hitler (when they are only doing harm to this artform).

Anyone who claims blacklisting chess problemists (on the basis of nationality) is a necessary evil, to fight their Neo-Hitler villain character, is a domestic tyrant at heart.
The stench of such profound cowardice is a dead giveaway -- if they actually believed we are called to fight this terrible villain character, ask yourself: why are they launching such a cowardly attack from a chess problem forum?
This is no way to fight. It's certainly no way to win. It's just a pathetic excuse for domestic tyranny.

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny. If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being." -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Look to your own heart. Examine what evil you are proposing.

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”
― Mahatma Gandhi.

Ponder that carefully: tyrants ALWAYS fail.
If you want to be a domestic tyrant, for heaven's sake, don't be the tyrant of chess problems.
At least have the dignity to aspire to some actual power. Leave this beloved artform out of it.
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(31) Posted by Anatoly Vasilenko [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 10:33]

Дорогой Мартин. Ведите себя, пожалуйста, корректней. Не забывайте в какой аудитории Вы находитесь. Уважайте мнение этих людей. Разговоры о гуманизме здесь бессмысленны. Любимая игрушка для них гораздо важнее человеческих жизней.
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(32) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 10:42]

@Admin: You should reconsider my suggestion to make a subforum "Don't mention the war" (or make that: "Chess Politics") since the issue is so emotionally loaded that even I can't STFU and you only sit and ponder: Delete? Not delete? (To quote an Ukrainian - it had to be, right? - proverb: When the flags wave, the brain sits in the trumpet.)
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(33) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 10:45]

Here they are, our brothers from Russia, writing together with us.
Yet, they get excluded from participating in the same events as we do. When ever has Apartheid solved a problem (excuse the pun)?

I want this world to be united, not divided. What does a farmer in Magadan have to do with an oligarch in Moscow? What does a teacher in Novosibirsk have to do with a soldier in Kaliningrad?
Banning all of Russia is akin to banning all of the EU. Russia is not a singular culture, it is many cultures.
Even here in Germany you can see similar: What does a Swabian have to do with a Saxonian? We don't share the same culture, not the same beliefs, we only share the same overarching government.

I believe most people don't even begin to grasp how big Russia is.
Do you know the big Texas? Alaska is more than twice as big!
The entire United States are six times as big as Alaska! Just three percent smaller than all of Europe! Russia? Do you even grasp Russia's size? 80 percent of Europe and the United States combined! 6.6 million square miles. Europe has 3.9 million. The United States 3.8 million.

No sane person would say you should ban all Spaniards for what Finland does. Or you should ban all Hawaiians for what New York does. But such standards are applied to Russia.

We indeed live in a mad world.
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(34) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 10:58]

we now have absurd situation in 11.WCCT.
In selfmate section both Russia/Belorussia were part judges jury.
After their removed how finsihed judging if only one country stay as reserve judge?
WCCT proceedings become derogated, with possibitility to contest would be never finished because scandalous decision by WFCC delegates.
In WCCT proposals stay strict to composition would be exluded only if get two zero marks but not because politic reasons!
Also at time when entries exposed to judges it is fact -war was not actual...
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(35) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Sunday, Apr 3, 2022 01:10]

Banning teams at the end of the tourney when only judging being due, is illegal and irrational. WFCC presidium made a mistake asking member's views and vote.
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(36) Posted by Joose Norri [Sunday, Apr 3, 2022 04:14]

How can there be any other sensible decision than to cancel the whole 11th WCCT? If the decision stands, and surely it will. Not only Russian and Belo-Russian problems have to be banned, but the judging countries, the selfmate section of course hit the hardest but all others bar one also.
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(37) Posted by Joose Norri [Sunday, Apr 3, 2022 04:23]

Well, there are the reserve judges. It doesn't help in the selfmates, I wonder what the situation is in the moremovers, retros etc.
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