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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 14:55]

How to search oneself blue in the face. A Primer

An inspirational story (OK, your not the one to get
inspired by it, it's about my inspirations :P)

So, it was 1985, and my first problem was published in
the SCHWALBE. As Lloyd Cole sang: "We were young and
we were stupid, it was fine while it lasted."
I had thoroughly studied a bunch of SCHWALBE issues
donated to me by the Hamburg Problem Circle which
had its halcyon days then. In a year I had become
a construction wizard. *Themes* suitable for
publication in such a high esteemed journal, well,
that's a different story. As a German proverb says,
better a good steal than a lousy self-made one,
and thus my 1st entry was a simple ornamental theme
I somewhere had seen in that bunch, and it desperately
needed constructive improvement. And so it went:

(= 6+8 )

Schwalbe 1985, #2

Flash forward to 2006. Teh Internets were hawt, and
I decided to convert all my problems to HTML and
publish them on the Web. And as a scientist, I always
name all previous work. Whoopsie, who made that one? Forgot.
I "educationally" guessed a few names from A as Axt
to Z as Zajic, but browsing through 20 years of
SCHWALBE backissues with hundreds of 2# didn't turn up
anything. I wrote it off as "Mystery never to be solved",
like: who was this Eve Marison in Lloyd Cole's "Rattlesnakes".
But sometimes mysteries are solved only in decades since!
(It's Eve-Marie Saint, duh, and the mystery was due to
Lloyd Cole not able to sing air quotes around
"On the Waterfront", and the fact that the German title
of that movie is totally different.)
Oops, my train of thought got derailed as always.
Where was I? Today I reread that #95 Schwalbe issue,
including the intro of the unforgotten Hans-Dieter Leiss.
" componist...ornamental theme...years
ago by Frantisek Kubat." Dope-slap myself with the force
of 1000 lbs. Name, source, genre, YACPDB came up with that
in seconds.

(= 10+9 )

Frantisek Kubat, Schwalbe 1977

And another lacuna in my HTML (to be converted to Olive
and back) can be filled soon. (Too bad that I only recalled
the R-K-R-B formation, and another Bc2 to narrow down the
180 hits then never gave anything in the Albrecht
matrix search...naturally!)

Post Script. OK, the PS actually is 20 years older than
my enlightment, which probably is due to my mind running
faster than light (only young Anirudh being a competition),
leading to all kind of causality breaks. The also
unforgotten Jeremy Morse saw my problem and decided
that 8 mates around the bK might be peppered with a
mate on his former standing field. Eh, what? How shall
one construct THAT? Easily:

(= 10+9 )

Jeremy Morse, The Problemist Supplement 1999
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(2) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, Nov 18, 2021 23:59]

Thanks for bringing Lloyd Cole back to mind, Hauke… :-)
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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade How to search oneself blue in the face. A Primer