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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates H#2 Reconstruction challenge
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(1) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Sunday, Dec 2, 2007 23:33]

H#2 Reconstruction challenge

I am the judge in Šachová skladba, this nice magazine from Czech Republic, for h# of 2007. I came across the following problem and while searching for forerunners, I found a very nice earlier rendering of the main idea (which is, of course, the bishop sacrifices on vacant squares).

The challenge : could you reconstruct this in miniature? You will obviously give up the interferences of the B1 moves and, sadly, the model mates. All the rest remain the same.

Christer Jonsson
8402 Šachová skladba 94 I/2007
(= 8+6 )

1.Bd6 Bg5 2.Kxg5 Rg6#
1.Rd4 Bf5+ 2.Kxf5 Se3#
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(2) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Monday, Dec 3, 2007 00:36]

How about?

(= 5+2 )


1.Re3 Be4+ 2.Kxe4 Sf2#
1.Rc4 Bd4 2.Kxd4 Rd5#
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(3) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Monday, Dec 3, 2007 01:53]; edited by Harry Fougiaxis [07-12-03]

Yes, this is it :) For the record, the source is Andrew Calotay & Gianni Donati, H0401, StrateGems 12, October 2000 (WinChloe ID 72718). Btw, this was (probably accidentally) repeated by Vitaly Medintsev, PS1181, The Problemist Supplement 53, July 2001 (ID 212713), same position only horizontally reflected.

For WinChloe users : this was quite difficult to spot. There is a ton of h#2s with "sacrifice" as the theme, so I had to make the search more specific. This is a good thing about short helpmates, you can specify tricky queries with the solution. I asked to have a capture by the king in B2 move, mates by rook and knight, a move made by a bishop and no white queen on the diagram. Particularly this last criterion narrowed down the results quite efficiently.

A bit of nagging as PS : why query-based search is sooo slow...?
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(4) Posted by Steven Dowd [Saturday, Dec 8, 2007 23:15]

Harry - it would be nice if someone could form a study group to help teach those of us who can only solve in WinChloe and can't figure out how to use database functions like you mention. A leader would be needed, and I would be glad to pay a small fee to be a member of such a group. If I lived in Europe I could wait for a problemist's meeting and bother someone to show me (I learn well by seeing,, not so much by (1). Choose "Fichier" (2) then.....

I can read French but I just can't get through the French and the computer logic together.

If anyone would like to do so privately, without a group, I would be glad to be their student and would insist on some form of payment as I can be a bull-headed and slow-to-learn student.
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(5) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Sunday, Dec 9, 2007 23:15]; edited by Harry Fougiaxis [07-12-09]

Steven, make sure that you read the english help file that comes with the program and the guidelines written by Reb Orrell, which are still available @ Feel free to ask any questions via email or a pm here. If you have a web camera or just a mic, you can reach me with Skype or MS Messenger. Send a note for details.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates H#2 Reconstruction challenge