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(1) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Tuesday, Sep 12, 2006 23:47]

See previous posts when replying

Would it be possible, Milan, to see the rest of the posts when we reply in a thread? At the moment I have to open the reply link in a new tab, so that I can see in the first tab what some other member wrote, to whom I want to reply. I know this is not phpBB (and the recent past proved that you avoid it for some very good reasons), but imho it's rather inconvenient not to have this feature.
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(2) Posted by David Knezevic [Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006 15:00]

Perhaps two types of reply links should be offered: normal reply as it is now, but to refer to original post, and reply with quote (or simply quote) which would initially insert the text of associated post. I thought about it because I could not decide how to mark the quoted text. So far standard HTML textarea is used for rather primitive input so I don't have the possibility to assist the user in editting. There must be suitable alternatives, I saw some rich text objects to be used elsewhere. If somebody can recommend one, I would not have to search the Internet for it...

For the moment, perhaps the best is to wrap a little quoted text and put some mark at the begining of each line.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members See previous posts when replying