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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers Unfinished buisness
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(1) Posted by Evgeni Bourd [Friday, Nov 24, 2006 09:19]

Unfinished buisness

The next problem is in my "unfinished" section for a bit too long and every time I see it I get a bit annoyed . all my attempts to finish it ( with some help here and there ) did not have much luck ...

(= 16+7 )

Solution: 1. Ra4! [2. b:c7 waiting
2... Kc6 3. Bg2#]

1... c:d6 2. Sec7+
1... c:b6 2. Kc7
1... c6 2. Rc7
1... c5 2. Sac7+
1... Kc6 2. Bg2+
2... Kb5 3. Se:c7#

An Umnov on all 4 pawn moves , a nice tast in my opinion , surely not done before .
But in this position the cost is a bit too high , illegal position and the key takes "some" flights :)
The mechanism is based on a lot of dual avoidances (stalemate,check,unpin,selfblocks,zugzwang) .
Maybe one of you will have success finding "the" fix ?
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(2) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Friday, Nov 24, 2006 20:56]

Evgeni, I think that I already saw problem by some Russian composer showing this theme (pickanniny + umnov). I tried to find problem but without any success. Anyway, I'll continue looking. I should find it somewhere. But if I remember good, position was much lighter without flight taking key and variations were similar, two by wN, one by wK and I cannot remember if the fourth one is by bishop or rook. I'll find this problem for sure. I know that I saw it few years ago.
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(3) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 11:05]; edited by Harry Fougiaxis [06-11-28]

I searched in the WinChloe database for "Umnov + Pickaninny" and I found the following problem of the great Valery Shavyrin. It might be the composition that Misha is referring to, although it does not fully match his description and Evgeni's intention.

Valery Shavyrin
The Problemist 2003
2° Prize
(= 12+8 )


1.Sg8! [2.fxe7 [3.Sf6#] Bxe7 3.Sxe7#]
1...exd6 2.Rd7 [3.Rxd6#] Be7,Bc7/Kxc6 3.S(x)e7/Qxd6#
1...exf6 2.Rhe7 [3.Sxf6#] Bxe7 3.Sxe7#
1...e5 2.Rc7 [3.Bf7#] Sd4,Sg5/Bxc7 3.Rxe5/Se7#
1...e6 2.Rb7 [3.Rxb5#] Sd4/Bb6 3.Re5/Se7#
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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 12:26]

A wPa5 is amiss?!

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(5) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 12:33]; edited by Harry Fougiaxis [06-11-28]

Nope, why do we need it?!

Edit: oops, just noticed I had omitted a sub-variation, sorry...
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(6) Posted by Evgeni Bourd [Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 16:13]

Yes , that fine problem is something I am aware of but it has absolutely nothing to do with
4 umnov variations....
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(7) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 19:18]

No, this is not a problem that I saw. I saw a problem with 4 umnov variations (I am about 99% sure about this). I am still looking for this problem. Currently I do have a problem because majority of my chess problem books and magazines are not with me. Temporary I had to store them away from me until I buy bigger condo or house. However I am sure I'll find it somewhere.

However, I am recommending that you continue working on this problem because it's a different scheme and you may end up with a great problem anyway. It's very difficult combination so its worthy working on it.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers Unfinished buisness