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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 2nd Israel Open Solving Championship
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(1) Posted by Paz Einat [Monday, Apr 27, 2015 23:29]

2nd Israel Open Solving Championship

We are continuing what we have started last year:
The Israel Chess Composition Society is glad to announce the 2nd Israel Open Solving Championship.
The event will be held in a similar format to the ISC, with a single difference: B category will consist of 6 problems in each round instead of 4. However, the problems in this category will be significantly lighter and simpler, thus inexperienced solvers can win points.
Date: Sunday June 21 2015, 11:00 CET.
Main controller will be Paz Einat. All countries who wish to participate should contact the main controller by e-mail: Final date for registration: June 11 2015. The local controllers will receive all necessary word-format documents by e-mail no later than June 15 2015.
Results will be available on Top places are guaranteed medals which will be given in the upcoming congress in Ostroda.
Thank you!
ICCS board
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(2) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Sunday, Jun 21, 2015 17:36]

Serbia results (unofficially) only for comparison:

Group A:
1. Podinić , V. 59 points (162 minutes), 2. Mladenović, M. 59 (166 minutes), 3. Djurašević, B. 48, 4.Gadjanski, B. 46,5 5. Radomirović, M. 37,5, 6. Miljanić, M. 35, 7. Šoškić, B. 33,5 8.Perović, Z. 25,5 9. Nikolić N. 21 10-12. Sibinović, Z., Vujasinović M., Bojković 20 points (maximal time)

Group B:
1.Branković M. 47,5 2. Serafimović, I. 36,5 3. Racić P. 36, 4. Branković D. 25 points.
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(3) Posted by Dolf Wissmann [Monday, Jun 22, 2015 00:11]

First four in the Netherlands, Group A (unofficial):

1. Uitenbroek 54.
2. Van den Heuvel 51.
3. Wissmann 51.
4. Van Beers 50.
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(4) Posted by Roland Ott [Monday, Jun 22, 2015 10:10]

Switzerland results, Category 1 (unofficially):

Maeder Thomas 47.5
Ott Roland 46
Köchli Klaus 37
Neef Wilfried (Germany) 33.5
Schaffner Gerold 24
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(5) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Monday, Jun 22, 2015 15:48]

I am just wondering, did anyone from Israel participated in this event :)?
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(6) Posted by Vlaicu Crisan [Monday, Jun 22, 2015 18:59]

Romania results

Category 2
Todorut 17.5p
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(7) Posted by Dolf Wissmann [Monday, Jun 22, 2015 23:04]

Next to first four in category 1 there were four more competitors in the Netherlands. I have all eight scores now.

Category 1:
1. Hans Uitenbroek 54 (198 minutes).
2. Peter van den Heuvel 51 (198).
3. Dolf Wissmann 51 (207).
4. Eddy Van Beers (BEL) 50 (178).
5. Andy Ooms (BEL) 39,5 (234).
6. Alfred Gaasbeek 23 (239).

Category 2:
1. Ed Hoes 45,5 (239).
2. Rens ter Veen 30 (240).
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(8) Posted by Paz Einat [Friday, Jun 26, 2015 16:03]

This was our national championship. 13 participated in the 1st category and 16 in the 2nd category. I will post the results soon.
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(9) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Monday, Jun 29, 2015 13:34]; edited by Branislav Djurašević [15-06-29]

Today in daily newspaper Politika, GM Marjan Kovacevic, as journalist in his chess column, published short results from this competition. In category 1. what is more important, the best solvers are: 1. Mukoseev, A. (Russia) 60 points, 2. Comay, O. (Israel) 59 (155 minutes) 3. Podinic, V. (Serbia) 59 (162 min.) 4. Mladenovic, M. (Serbia) 59 (166 min.) etc. We are still waiting official results.
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(10) Posted by Ioannis Garoufalidis [Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015 17:38]

Can someone please upload the problems ?
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(11) Posted by Mikalai Sihnevich [Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015 22:05]

Problems are available, for example, here:
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(12) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Thursday, Jul 2, 2015 10:41]

I am wondering if official results are published? I saw that new rating list included this competition but I have not seen official results. Very strange situation.
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(13) Posted by Paz Einat [Thursday, Jul 2, 2015 12:09]

The full results will be available soon on Variantim web site.

Top 5 overall: Anatoly Mukoseev 60 points (191 minutes); Ofer Comay 59 points (155 minutes); Vladimir Podinić 59 points (162 minutes); Miodrag Mladenović 59 points (166 minutes);Omer Friedland 58 points (209 minutes).

Top 5 in Israel: Ofer Comay 59 points (155 minutes); Omer Friedland 58 points (209 minutes); Mark Erenburg 55 points (222 minutes); Ram Soffer 50 points (198 minutes); Mordechai Chovnik 49 points (210 minutes)
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(14) Posted by Paz Einat [Sunday, Jul 5, 2015 21:30]

The full results, problems and solutions are now available here:
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(15) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Sunday, Jul 5, 2015 22:13]

Congratulation to medal winners!

Is it possible to see rating calculation? Since this is a rated tournament (and it's already calculated on the latest rating list) I am assuming that rating gains/loses are already known.
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(16) Posted by Paz Einat [Sunday, Jul 5, 2015 23:37]; edited by Paz Einat [15-07-05]

Marek Kolčák, member of the solving committee, was involved in the ratings calculations. The new ratings, based also on various other solving tourneys, is published in the WFCC web site.
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(17) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Monday, Jul 6, 2015 10:46]


You may want to add link to the page on page. Otherwise I think it's impossible for non-Hebrew speaking problemists to discover results (unless they hit link from this forum). At least I was not able to find it on my own.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 2nd Israel Open Solving Championship