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MatPlus.Net Forum Twomovers Vasil Dyachuk, 1-2.Pr e.a. Wola Gulovska 2006 (#2)
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(1) Posted by Milan Velimirović (+) [Thursday, Oct 12, 2006 14:31]

Vasil Dyachuk, 1-2.Pr e.a. Wola Gulovska 2006 (#2)

One may or may not love reversal themes, which are sometimes (mis)called "letter themes" (a term we used for Barulin's - and few Ahues' - complex of themes (A-theme, B-theme, C-theme etc.). I am not sure about myself, I only know that we meet too much of that stuff nowadays, most of which is of average quality, so we perhaps got bored and tired of it. However, occassionaly a masterpiece pops-up to justify the genre. I think I've just seen one such masterpiece:
Vasil Dyachuk
1-2.Pr e.a. Wola Gulovska 2006
(= 8+10 )
1... Sd4: (a) 2.Qd6:# (B)
1... de4 (b) 2.Rf5# (A)

1.Qd2? ~ 2.Bg7/Rg5# (C,D)
1... Sf4:! (c)

1.Sd2? ~ 2.Rf5# (A) and not 2.Qd6:? (B)
1... Sd4: (a) 2.Qd4:#
1... Sf4: (c) 2.Bg7# (C) and not 2.Rg5? (D)
1... Rf1!

1.Sb3! ~ 2.Qd6:# (B)
1... de4 (b) 2.Qe4:#
1... Sf4: (c) 2.Rg5# (D)
The solution is given with all letters, but don't be mislead by it. Just watch the problem and enjoy in it first, and later you can try to analyze the relation between the defences, mates and refutations.
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(2) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, May 24, 2007 09:19]

You have some other nice tries :

1.Sf6? [2.Rf5‡, 2.Sg4‡, 2.S×d7‡]
mais 1…S×f4! (white self-obstruction 2.Bg7??)

1.Sf5? [2.Q×d6‡]
mais 1…S×f4! (white self-obstruction 2.Rg5??)

1.B×d5? [2.Rf5‡]
1…S×d4 2.Q×d6‡
1…S×f4 2.Rg5‡
1…K×d5 2.Rg5‡
mais 1…Rf1!

1.Rgg4? [2.Bg7‡, 2.Rf5‡] mais 1…S×f4!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Twomovers Vasil Dyachuk, 1-2.Pr e.a. Wola Gulovska 2006 (#2)