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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers Miodrag Mladenovic, 1HM StrateGems 2005 (#3)
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(1) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Sunday, Sep 10, 2006 08:07]; edited by Miodrag Mladenović [06-10-04]

Miodrag Mladenovic, 1HM StrateGems 2005 (#3)

(= 10+12 )

#3 three tries

1.a6 (2.xc7#) but 1...g3!
1.d7 (2.f8#) but 1...f1!
1.c6 (2.d4#) but 1...f2!

1.a2! (2.xc4+ bxc4 3.xc4#)
1...d~!? (a) 2.h3+ g4 3.xg4#
1...e5!!? (ab) 2.a6 ~ 3.xc7# (2...g3?)
1...f4!!!? (abc) 2.d7 ~ 3.f8# (2...f1?) (2.a6? d5!)
1...f2!!!!? (abcd) 2.c6 ~ 3.d4# (2...f2?) (2.a6?,d7? xe4!)

Black errors:
(a) opening of breaked line b3-h3-e6
(b) closing of breaked line e1-g3-c7
(c) closing of breaked line h1-f1-f8
(d) closing of breaked line e1-f2-d4

This problem shows "Quaternary Black Corrections" theme. Although the keymove is not so good I still think that this is one of the best achievements of this theme.

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(2) Posted by Volker Gülke [Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006 20:05]

Dear Miodrag,
a superb problem with clear cut fourth-degree black correction.
Perhaps, you like the following S#3 with third-degree black correction, combined with inversion of motive:

Volker Gülke
Schach-Aktiv 2004
dedicated to Hartmut Laue
3. Commendation
(= 9+14 )


1.Qd2! thr. 2.Sd3+ Kg4: 3.Sf2+ e(g)f2:#
1. - S~!? 2.Sf3:+ Kf3: 3.Qe2:+ Se2:# (a)
1. - Se6(f7)!!? 2.Sc4+ Sc7(d6,e5) 3.De3:+ Be3:# (ab)
1. - Se4:!!!? 2.Sd7:+ Sd6 3.Bb1: ZZ ~# (abc)

(a) Kg4: is impossible
(b) the bS can close the line b8-f4 on c7(d6,e5)
(c) The move Bb1: is possible

Blacks defensive motive and White's exploitation are in each case the same.

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(3) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006 20:40]

Dear Volker,

Yes, I do like your problem. It's a great example of 3rd degree black correction. I am wondering what was a quality of other problems since your problem got only a commend.

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(4) Posted by Volker Gülke [Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006 22:07]

Let's hope, that the judge wasn't disappointed about the "duals"...

Best, Volker
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(5) Posted by Hartmut Laue [Thursday, Nov 30, 2006 15:54]; edited by Hartmut Laue [06-11-30]

@ Volker's problem:

Let me break Volker's understatement and say that his problem is an

absolute masterpiece.

I know very well how difficult it is to show black correction combined with inversion of motives. And here we see this combination even in the 3rd degree!! As I have a feeling that the contents of this splendid problem might escape observation or remain unnoticed in its subtlety, I'd like to comment on it:

1) The (primary) defence motive of 1.--- S~ is to make the move K:g4 impossible [so that the planned threat move 2.Sd3+ would lead to mate] But White can exploit exactly this with 2.Sf3:+ etc - which otherwise would fail because of the flight g4!

2) As a secondary defence, Black chooses a move of his knight which, in addition to making the move Kg4: impossible, has the effect of allowing the move 2.-- Sd6 (or Sc7) if White should try to continue as in 1) with 2.Sf3:+?. But White again exploits exactly this, added to the fact that the move Kg4: has become impossible: The combination of that primary and the described secondary defense motive is exploited now by 2.Sc4+ etc - which would fail if the BK could move to g4 and if the BS could not move to d6 (c7, resp.).

The incredible climax in this problem is now the following:

3) As a tertiary defence, Black chooses a move of his knight which, in addition to making the move Kg4: impossible and the move Sd6 possible, has the further effect of making the move 4.Bb1: possible if White should try to continue as in 2) with 2.Sc4+? 3.Qe3:+. But White, again!!!, exploits exactly this, added to the fact that the move Kg4: has become impossible and the move Sd6 has become possible: The combination of the primary, the secondary, and the tertiary defense motive is exploited now by 2.Sd7:+ Sd6 3.Bb1:, where the third move - having been the aim of Black's tertiary defense idea! - is now exactly the move which leads to the final zugzwang surprise.

This is much, much more than "just" a fine 3rd degree black correction!

And this is not a Commend comparable to the other one which has recently been discussed on this board, where the contents did not at all remain unnoticed in the award and where reasons were given why it was "only a Commend". No, HERE we read the following words in the award (in my English translation): "A fine key sacrifices the queen and leads to 4-fold battery play of the Siers knight. The necessity of by-play variations and the somewhat rough captures during the solution prevented a higher placement."

Neglect the non-essential facts that the key does not at all have the character of a queen sacrifice (capturing the queen would mate immediately!) and that, apart from the threat, there is no Siers variation at all (but battery play of a different kind). What really leaves me speechless is how the ingenious depth of this construction can remain completely unmentioned. On the contrary, the criticism of (thematically relevant!!) captures in this solution seems to indicate that the contents has not been understood in the least: neither the tertiary black correction nor the inversion of motives, let alone their superb combination in a logically flawless setting.

We will see if the FIDE Album judges will have the energy to honour this problem in a way it deserves...
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(6) Posted by Uri Avner [Saturday, Dec 2, 2006 18:38]

@ Volker's problem:
Shocking judgment! The inevitable fate of truly innovative masterpieces?
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(7) Posted by Uri Avner [Monday, Dec 4, 2006 03:10]; edited by Uri Avner [06-12-04]

@ Volker's problem:
A further little point worth mentioning: there is yet another correction showing an interesting inversion of motives, which brings back the primary threat: 1...Sxh7! (making Kxg4 impossible and eliminating the e4 guard) 2.Sd3+ (using the elimination of e4 guard) Kxe4 3.Sf2+ e(g)xf2#.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers Miodrag Mladenovic, 1HM StrateGems 2005 (#3)