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(21) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019 23:14]; edited by Zalmen Kornin [19-10-24]

(= 4+3 )

Or, more economical: (C-)

(= 4+3 )

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(22) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Thursday, Oct 24, 2019 01:37]

Where's the fun if queening is forbidden? Allowed but useless Queen makes the point of a minor promotion.
Just as a quick, perhaps unsound illustration: h#2, 2 sol., White Ra8 Pa7 Pd7; Black Kh7 Sh6 Pd2
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(23) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 17:10]; edited by Zalmen Kornin [19-10-26]

Nikola: I'm seeing a solution with the super-castles and the black King in g8 (the battery with K is charming). The second solution without queening I'm not seeing...

Rewan: Now the twins looks ok ( I hope) but I would still mirror the position, for two main reasons: first, that a black King in a light square is preferable - since the days when everything was printed, stamped or drawed), and second because a white King in a dark square will add to the fun, evoking the actual initial position of the wK in every game. Now You can even write: "Pam-Krabbé castles allowed", because with two different positions with the trick playable in one, and unplayable in the other, the interest of the solver is kept until the end....
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(24) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 19:34]

Zalmen, bK must play to g8, and not to h8 where the check could be parried by the line-closing 3.Sg8.
The other solution is an ordinary one, where 1.Sg8 closes the line to allow 2.Kh8.

But that's just an illustration of possibilities without 'no queening' condition.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates A Little Fun