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(1) Posted by Joost de Heer [Thursday, Sep 3, 2020 12:07]

Version vs After

Are there any guidelines when to use 'Original author, version New Author', 'New Author, after Original Author', or co-authorship?
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(2) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Thursday, Sep 3, 2020 13:37]

Here is a general guideline from the Codex, footnote 29:

It is recommended that a correction made by someone else ("B") should, if practicable, be published in agreement with the author ("A"). B’s name may also be mentioned. The following formulae are used (in order of increasing originality of the correction – which is a matter of personal evaluation): "A, correction"; "A, correction B"; "B after A". The correction should be published as a joint composition only if A agrees. This note also applies to improved versions of correct chess compositions.
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(3) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Sep 4, 2020 10:30]

Since I'm feared for de-stoning :-), here my
personal guideline:

Only if you added thematic value, B after A.
If the improvement is serious, clever or
really costed time (mostly implies the former): A version B.
If, say, "Knight can also be on f6, saving Ph4":
Merely a note to the author.

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MatPlus.Net Forum General Version vs After