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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members 5 Years Anniversary (August 28th 2011)
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(1) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Sunday, Mar 13, 2011 07:03]

5 Years Anniversary (August 28th 2011)

August 28th is the five years anniversary of this site. I think some composing tournament should be organized to mark this date (Mat Plus JT 5). I do not know what opinion of other problemists is but personally I think that this site is something best that happen in chess problems community in last decade. Jubilee Tournament may be good way to advertise this site.
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(2) Posted by Dan Meinking [Monday, Mar 14, 2011 04:17]

I second the motion!
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(3) Posted by Ian Shanahan [Monday, Mar 14, 2011 14:01]

And I third it!

Thank you so much Milan (and Misha too, for the JT idea): is a fantastic gift to the chess-composition world. My life would be much the poorer without it.
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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Mar 14, 2011 18:48]

<AOL>. Suggestion: problems of any kind of any relevance
to an internet meme. (Maybe a one-in-a-million recaptcha
giving the theme? All hail Inglip :-)

This here just wants a stipulation:

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(5) Posted by Dan Meinking [Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 08:02]; edited by Dan Meinking [11-03-15]

Might I offer a theme suggestion?

"Helpmates in 2½-n with the following sequence:

(1) a unit X moves to an empty square Y
(2) X vacates Y
(3) a Pawn of the same color as X promotes on Y"

Here are a couple of examples (thematic moves in bold):

Fadil Abdurahmanovic, 3rd Prize, Die Schwalbe 2004
(= 3+9 )

h#5½ (3+9) C+
1...Bb8 2.Qc7 a6 3.Qb7+ axb7 4.Kg6 Bh2 5.Kg5 b8Q 6.Kh4 Qg3#

(= 2+6 )

h#5 (2+6) C+
1.Kd2 Kf7 2.Qc1 Ke6 3.Qe1+ Kd5 4.Rd1 Kd4 5.c1S Rb2#

I haven't composed a decent Helpmate in years, so perhaps I could better serve as a judge?
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(6) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 11:55]

I especially like Fadil's helpmate with mixed Bristol and another reversed Bristol on the same diagonal.

A study tourney should also be held for MatPlus JT. Maybe something with theme "logic", which is broad enough for rich compositions.
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(7) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 19:40]

Fadil surprises and amazes everytime !
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(8) Posted by Dan Meinking [Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011 07:21]; edited by Dan Meinking [11-03-16]

@Siegfried & Seetharaman: I agree, Fadil's example is almost too good!

This featherweight shows that X can be a Pawn:

F. Borissenko, Mat 1988 [P0556318] (anticipates P0504989, as noted on PDB)
(= 3+1 )

h#5 (3+1) C+ 1.Kg2 Ka7 2.Kf3 b8Q 3.Ke4 b7 4.Kd5 Qe5+ 5.Kc6 b8S# (ideal)

The next one is mildly interesting. If the theme weren't known, the intro might come as a surprise.

DM original, "to the MatPlus Forum 5th" -- early birthday present :-)
(= 3+6 )

h#4½ (3+6) C+ 1...Rg8! 2.Se6 Rh8! 3.Sg7 hxg7 4.Kb7 g8B 5.Ka8 Bd5#
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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members 5 Years Anniversary (August 28th 2011)