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(1) Posted by Darko Šaljić [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 10:51]

Help please_Olive toolbar

I have small eeePC - Asus and Olive program on it.
Somehow I moved toolbar outside Olive window and when I start a program it is on Desktop (vertical position).
My monitor is to small to reach place with mouse from wich I could move it back.
What can I do?
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(2) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 13:30]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [16-03-08]

I don't know if you have intended to have that Olive program?

It is to my knowledge classified as Adware/Malware.

Please find a removal guide here:

Otherwise, find the guides here on how to relocate the program.

You can also go to C:/Users/[Your name]/Desktop and try to move the toolbar back from there.
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(3) Posted by Darko Šaljić [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 15:02]

Thank you Siegfried!
I will try..

And it is Olive by Dmitry Turevsky (, you do not use it?
For me, it is the best.
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(4) Posted by Viktoras Paliulionis [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 15:42]

If you know how to work with Windows Registry, you can find key "olive" in it and delete the value "windowState".
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(5) Posted by Dmitri Turevski [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 16:35]; edited by Dmitri Turevski [16-03-08]

Viktoras is right, in Windows version of Olive, to restore the toolbar position you need to exit Olive and delete the key from the windows registry.
The key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/OSS/olive

Usually you edit the windows registry with a tool called "regedit" (comes with Windows). Start - Run - regedit [Enter]

Just in case you have a Linux eeePC, the olive settings are in $HOME/.config/
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(6) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 16:40]

Of course you have to start regedit tool as administrator (right click over shortcut and select "Run as administrator"). Otherwise you won't be able to update any key.
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(7) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 17:00]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [16-03-09]

Apologies, I confused it then.
No, I do not use it. I also do not use Popeye.
In studies composing, there is no need for it. ;-)
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(8) Posted by Darko Šaljić [Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016 18:08]

I succeeded!!
Thanks guys, you're geniuses!
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(9) Posted by shankar ram [Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016 09:34]

Can someone give a compiled Ubuntu version of Olive?
I would like to try compiling it. But the list of dependencies seems very long.
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(10) Posted by Dmitri Turevski [Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016 12:27]

Olive is basically a python script, there's no need to compile it before running.

It depends on four python libraries which are included in the Ubuntu repo.

Running "sudo apt-get install python-pil python-qt4 python-yaml python-reportlab"
should normally satisfy all dependencies on Ubuntu.

Then you run olive by "python"

Please let me know if you run into any problems.
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(11) Posted by shankar ram [Saturday, Mar 26, 2016 04:16]

Thanks, Dmitri!

Where do I put the linux compiled version of popeye in the olive directory?
I tried putting it in the same folder as, but got this message, when I tried solving: "Не удалось запустить исполняемый файл popeye (/home/dima/temp/popeye/py -maxmem 2G)"
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(12) Posted by Dmitri Turevski [Saturday, Mar 26, 2016 07:15]

You should exit olive and specify the path to the popeye executable in the config file conf/main.yaml
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(13) Posted by shankar ram [Saturday, Mar 26, 2016 18:36]

Did it.
Now have a working installation of popeye and olive under ubuntu linux.
Also changed the default language to en in the same config file.

Thanks again, Dmitri!
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(14) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, Mar 26, 2016 19:47]

Hope this facilitates some more contribution for our WCCT ! :D
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