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(1) Posted by Milan Velimirović (+) [Sunday, Mar 18, 2007 16:04]

Same Themes in Different Genres of Problem Chess

In article Remarks about Same Themes in Different Genres of Problem Chess (Mat Plus Review, Spring 2007) Hans Peter Rehm discusses some cases where the same theme is shown in different genres of chess compositions and draws some conclusions from observations. In our correspondence we agreed that it would be interesting to do more intensive research and extend it to all kinds of (fairy) chess composition, and to invite as many composers as possible to contribute with the examples they have seen. Here are some of his words:
"... I do not yet have a lot of examples but I am sure that many other themes could make interesting examples. But that would need a lot of time for research and writing. Perhaps one could compare some of Lacnys orthodox and fairy and discuss when the fairy condition is more or when less justified. I am not a 2# composer so I did not choose this theme. Another example is the Babson task which is almost trivial in Madrasi and also less interesting in h#. But I would hope that my minilecture could start a discussion. I think I mention the important points in my conclusions..."

"... I wrote you that in the moment I do not have the time for the research to extend the article to other fairy themes. Obviously anybody can look at his favorite theme in different genres. For example the cyclone themes would be more your business...."

"...Or the Babson task which in helpmates is not so interesting especially if bk is moved in twins. There could be also 4 orthodox: twins where in each position only 1 black promotion defends against the threat and is answereded by the same white promotion. This is clearly much less ambitious than the real Babson in 4# or s# in 1 solution, and nobody bothered to do this, but in h# they call this form Babson task. And underpromotions are much easier and more common in h# than in direct problems..."

You will be able to read Hans Peter's article on this pages. However, I don't want to spoil the pleasure of reading the printed version first for those who will receive the magazine in few days, so I will postpone the upload for few weeks. (the red coloured text will eventually be replaced by a link to the document)

So, you are invited to submit (and comment) the examples of (mis)interpretation of same themes in different genres of chess problems. You may do it by posts it in this thread, or by email messages to me (

I could start with an example of non-justified use of a well known mechanism of Tura theme in a selfmate:
Miodrag Mladenovic
Milan Velimirovic
The Problemist 1981
2nd Prize
(= 11+11 )

  1... Rd6: 2.Rc7:+ Sec7: 3.Q:d6:+ Sd6:#
  1... Sed6:+ 2.Qd6:+ Rd6: 3.Rc7:+ Sc7:#

1.Kd3! ~ 2.ab5+ Rb5:/Kb5: 3.Qc5+/Qa4+ Rc5:/Ka4:#
  1... Rd6:+ 2.Qd6:+ Sed6: 3.Rc7:+ Sc7:#
  1... Sed6: 2.Rc7:+ Rc7: 3.Qd6:+ Sd6:#

This check/no-check mechanism has been seen in countless number of direct threemovers, sometimes in almost a miniature form!

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(2) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Mar 22, 2007 16:02]

Same Theme in Different Problemist Journals:


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(3) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Friday, Mar 23, 2007 14:00]

Following example of Umnow in Twomover is probably an unique achievement, combinating the so-called UMNOW I - a White piece plays to the square just vacated by a Black one; and UMNOW II - Black defends playing to the square where a White piece is threatening to arrive - (it's in the article linked above, although it would deserve a new article here too!):

A. Jepinanow & A.Kusnezow
"Pobeda-50-JT" 1995

(= 11+9 )


1.Rc1! [2.Ne7/Nf7#] 1.– Re7/ 1.-Bf7 (Umnow II), 2.Nc7#/ Ng6# (Umnow I)

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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Mar 23, 2007 17:43]

A good problem, while I consider the double threat as trickery.
BTW, alone in each of the last 3 SCHWALBE issues you can find a problem
by me with this theme. Unique, eh? :-)

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(5) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Friday, Mar 23, 2007 22:12]

That's really very auspicious! - Sorry, Hauke, here I have only the Dezember 2006 "Schwalbe" in this moment, so I was following Mme. Vollenweider's statement in the very same article... From very far South, Zalmen
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