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MatPlus.Net Forum Twomovers Some change of pins for breakfast
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(1) Posted by Marcos Roland [Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018 17:49]; edited by Marcos Roland [18-05-01]

Some change of pins for breakfast

This #2 of mine received a commendation in the TT 186 of Superproblem:
(= 6+4 )

The key is 1.De8 waiting, with the following variations: 1...Kd5 2.Db5#; 1...d5 2.Db8#; 1...Dg5 or Dh4 or Dh8 2.Dxe6#; 1...Dxf5 2.Thxf5#; 1...De7 or Df7 2.f6#; 1...Dxg6 2.fxg6#.
The thematic requirement was basically as follows: in a #2 with maximum 10 pieces, the key-move directly unpins Black Queen.
In the course of my work, I found a much better version of this scheme. Unfortunately, this much better version had 11 pieces...This is the "improved" position:
(= 7+4 )

In this version, first we have a try using the initial pin: 1.Lf7? th. 2.fxe6#. If 1...exf5, 2.Dxf6#. If 1...d5, again 2.Db8#. But 1...Kd5! defends.
Then we have a second try taking the flight d5:
1.Da8? th. 2.De4#, against which 1...Dxf5 or exf5 allows the same mate, now exploring the pin by the Th5. But 1...Dh4! defends.
Finally, we have the same key 1.De8, with the mates above mentioned. Now 1...Dxf5 allows a third pin mate, this time the Pe6 is the pinned piece.
So, we added two tries with different pins. Neither of them is strictly thematic, because in the first one there is no unpinning, and the second one takes a flight of the king without "compensation" (this was an additional requirement). Anyway, for the solver, how big must be the difference between the two diagrams! Unfortunately the second one has 11 pieces. Poor me...
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MatPlus.Net Forum Twomovers Some change of pins for breakfast