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MatPlus.Net Forum General A Possible Record?
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(1) Posted by Bob Baker [Friday, Apr 5, 2019 18:59]

A Possible Record?

I'm not an experienced problemist, and I have a question readers of this forum may be able to answer. I have constructed a drawn position with no promoted pieces in which the first 18 half-moves are "only" moves for both sides. That is, the first opportunity either side has to choose more than a single move to avoid losing occurs on the 19th half-move. My question is whether this is a record length for this kind of position, or if this is even a composition type for which a record would exist. Thanks.
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(2) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 09:29]

a) The databases (<= 7 pieces) could be computer-checked on series
of only moves. Alternatively, look into a "Secret Of..." book
by John Nunn and look for a series of "!" moves.
b) I'm no study expert but the theme (Black is on the brink of
losing) seems to be less researched, since White obviously is
content with a draw in a draw study.
c) Publish it!
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(3) Posted by Bob Baker [Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 16:07]; edited by Bob Baker [19-04-06]

Thank you. I guess a good description would be, White and Black are both on the brink of losing. I know of a 1981 draw study by Sidorov in which the first 13 half-moves are "only" moves for both sides I am hoping some of the study experts here can tell me about other studies or will be inspired to improve on my move count.

With regard to publishing my position, I'm not sure how to go about that. If I find out how to publish, it will not be as a serious draw study, since the key move and many others are obvious, but as an attempt to set or break a record for greatest number of consecutive "only" moves by each side in turn.
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(4) Posted by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen [Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 21:51]

The study by Sidorov is really amusing. If yours is similar, I guess you could publish it in any study tourney and hope for a judge with at sense of humour. I have no idea if it is a record, though.
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(5) Posted by Bob Baker [Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 03:01]; edited by Bob Baker [19-04-07]

My position is not anything like Sidorov's. It's not a study that needs to be solved, it's a demonstration of a large number of consecutive "only" moves, in hopes of setting or breaking a record. Is there such a thing as a position construction tourney where it would be an acceptable entry?

Would it be appropriate for me to display my position and challenge the experts here to surpass my move count? If so, is this the right place for it?
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(6) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 10:00]

If you are not primarily in for the fame of seeing
yourself in the print :-), then yes, this is most
definitely the place to discuss your record.
(Also, with the exception of a specialist wide-range
organ like Problemist or whatnot, you'll hardly
find a larger audience. An alternative that comes
to my mind would cost you much more work: research
what has been done on the field - the Sidorov, some
Nunn examples - and write a short article for e.g.
or such an organ. Obviously, you can do that also
*after* discussing it here.)
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(7) Posted by Bob Baker [Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 12:09]; edited by Bob Baker [19-04-07]

Thank you Hauke. I will work on posting my position and challenge in the Show me your problem Misc group.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General A Possible Record?