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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 13:30]

Friendly Fire Chess

On Reddit, the user "danegraphics" proposes the following fairy condition. (Posted here with permission.)

The idea is simple: You can take your own pieces. (except your king, because that's a loss)

This really shakes up the game, allowing far more dynamic position than normally available, and completely changing how every facet of the game is played. Openings could be as crazy as 1. Qxd2 ... (or 1. Kxe2!! ...), middlegame tactics could suddenly be surprisingly violent gambits, and so on.

However, the endgame needs a little help.

A large variety of checkmates are suddenly impossible. Back rank mate, smothered mate, etc. are all just gone. This leads to longer, more drawn out endgames, and a lot more drawing.

So I've come up with two possible ways to solve this issue:

The king cannot take his own pieces while in check. OR...

Taking every opponent piece except the king is also a winning condition.

The first solution is much simpler and leads to shorter and more traditional endgames while allowing the opening and middle game to be more dynamic. While it does kinda go against the spirit of the r/AnarchyChess thread, I think it is the simplest solution to the problem, and I've decided it will be the official solution to the variation.

This will feel more like traditional chess, just with the addition of taking your own pieces.

The second solution leads to slightly longer games, but also changes the strategy of the game as a whole, where the ability to take one's own pieces comes at a great cost, as it leads closer and closer to a loss instead of a draw. The endgame is only slightly longer because, once enough imbalance is gained, trading pieces – even trading a rook for a pawn – suddenly becomes a very desirable action. Even back rank check and smothered check are a good idea because the king has to take his own pieces in order to survive, bringing him closer to loss.

This will feel almost nothing like chess, but would probably be a much more frantic (and perhaps more fun) game of ruthless genocide.

I think both would be really fun for different reasons.

So for names, I propose Friendly Fire Chess for the variation that uses solution 1 (king can't take his own pieces in check), and Friendly Fire Genocide Chess for the variation that uses solution 2 (taking all opponent pieces except the king is a win).

What do you think? Any suggestions for changes or other potential variations?

This is all for fun, so everything is welcome.



u/MushroomBalls suggested that for the first solution, instead of only preventing the king from taking his own piece during check, not allowing the king to take his own pieces at all.

This brings the game even closer to being more like traditional chess, restricting the king's movement, and leading to far more traditional endgames.

I think a fairy condition already exists where you can capture your own pieces, but not in this form?
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(2) Posted by François Labelle [Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 19:23]

The simple idea without the extra rule already exists.

Free Capture Chess: Either side may capture its own men (except own K) as well as the opponent's. (PDB)

Bicaptures: Any unit can capture the pieces of its side (except its own King if 'Rex Exclusiv') as well as the pieces of the other side. (Problemesis)

So the same condition has two names: Free Capture Chess = Bicapture Rex Exclusive, where "Rex Exclusive" means that pieces cannot capture their own king.

The extra rule ("a king cannot capture his own pieces") is missing. Funny how "Rex Exclusive" would be an equally appropriate name for that rule.

There is exactly one Free Capture Chess problem in PDB:
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(3) Posted by Joost de Heer [Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 19:32]; edited by Joost de Heer [20-01-21]

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(4) Posted by Jakob Leck [Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020 19:34]


All-Capturing Piece: Ein all-capturing piece kann sowohl eigene als auch gegnerische Steine schlagen. Im Gegensatz zu Steinen im Reformschach wirkt ein all-capturing piece aber nur auf den gegnerischen König, kann also nur diesem Schach bieten.
(An all-capturing piece can capture pieces of both colours. Check is only given to the opponent's king, as opposed to Reformschach.)

Reformschach: Die Steine haben Schlag- und Schachwirkung gegenüber beiden Parteien.
(Pieces capture and give check to pieces and kings of both colours.)
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