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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Chess Players against Corona
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Saturday, Mar 21, 2020 12:22]

Chess Players against Corona

We are in a quite good position, comparatively speaking
(as long as civilization doesn't crash by lockdown, that is) -
chess (especially problem) can be done over the Internet.
As an OTB player who never engaged in that, I'm getting
withdrawal symptoms, though. Then I had one of my crazy
ideas. Observe:
J A Palmisano vs G Llanos, 1995
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 O-O 6. Bg5 c5
7. d5 Qa5 8. a4 Na6 9. Ra3 Nb4 10. Nge2 e5 11. Bd2?? Nd3# 0-1
See - no capture, no smear infection risk.
And we already know the "Ohneschlag" condition...

Stay healthy, folks, or at least get no severe symptoms.
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(2) Posted by Joost de Heer [Saturday, Mar 21, 2020 12:46]

Anti-koeko is of course ideal.
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(3) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 00:49]

I will preliminarily publish a PS that is intended for my next ChessBase article here, due to the pressure of the situation. Note that this could be changed until the final publication.


A PS because of current events: Will you start composing or solving?

Due to the current global crisis, likely all physical chess tournaments are cancelled when you read this. You can still watch games online, play online, and chess composition tournaments that are run online only can also still be held as they require no physical interaction. So as a measure against boredom, when you had your share of online games, I’d like to invite you to start composing an endgame study or two, or try solving some puzzles for fun. If you do, you can contact your national problem chess federation for further assistance and guidance, as far as still possible. Axel Steinbrink, the official German solving organizer, recommends the WFCC’s resources for solvers where you can find problems without solutions (and with, for seeing if you were right). and
You can download the PDF files listed under “Problems”, print them out, take a physical chess board and pieces and solve like it would be done at tourneys. Luc Palmans, in addition to the WFCC links, suggests the “[ yacpdb]” to search for a certain stipulation, as it shows diagrams but has an extra button for solutions. Please note however that most tourneys are coined towards experienced solvers. If you didn’t see them all yet, you might first want to try solving the ChessBase Christmas puzzles: Possibly you also have some chess magazines at home with a problem corner where you can start solving and compare to your solutions in newer issues. Finally, Brian Cook sent me a link where solvers can try their hands at [ Mates in two moves] (other stipulations are in beta testing at the website).

Unfortunately, apart from John Nunn’s book “Solving in Style” (which is only available as paid e-book in some countries), I am not aware of any good instructions on how to learn solving, so experience will be the only teacher for most solvers. Where you might need half an hour at first to solve a checkmate in two moves, this will sink to five to ten minutes after a while, and in some cases you might be able to understand and spot ideas immediately, enabling you an even faster solving. Helpmates might also be relatively easy to solve, although it depends on the specific position. But there one doesn’t need to find counterplay, only a solution where both sides help each other.

Those who will only want to read, or who look for more problems and studies to solve, can find several - usually older issues of - chess problem magazines for free on the internet on their websites, such as the German “Schwalbe” ([ archive contains full PDFs of 2003 until five years ago]) and the endgame studies magazine “EG” ([ at ARVES]) which is commonly used by Yours Truly as a source.
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(4) Posted by Jakob Leck [Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 10:59]

The archive of The Problemist might be worth mentioning as well:
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(5) Posted by Geoff Foster [Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 22:38]

Inexperienced solvers might prefer The Problemist Supplement:
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(6) Posted by Peter Wong [Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 05:53]

Another good resource is, for both experienced problemists and newbies. The site recently had a major upgrade and is easier to navigate, besides looking better! There's a Weekly Problems section with close to 500 selections now, and the Problem World series of articles serves as a general introduction to chess compositions.
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(7) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 14:26]

Well done, Peter! Nice, entertaining, useful. So good to learn more about chess composition in Australia!
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(8) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 17:59]

Very nice problem #488

Brian Tomson
ProblemObserver 1985, 2nd Prize
(= 6+3 )


It's possible to extend this problem by two moves:
(= 7+3 )


There are two more BS moves. BS can be on d3 square too but I prefer this version on b3. Now the BSb3 will return twice to square b3.
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(9) Posted by Peter Wong [Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 05:15]

@Marjan Thank you for the positive feedback!

@Miodrag Thanks and that's such a good extension to the serieshelpmate. The extra capture is of course thematic in that it's to clear the 4th rank.
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(10) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 08:08]

I just found position with one more capture on the 4th rank:
(= 8+3 )


I like now that BS starts from corner h1 and then during the solution it visits twice corner a1!
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(11) Posted by Peter Wong [Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 15:20]

@Miodrag Great! I'll mention your version when the solution appears on the site next weekend.
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(12) Posted by Peter Wong [Friday, Apr 3, 2020 13:52]

@Miodrag The Ser-H#29 seems to be sound with a WP on c4, so I'll show this version on tomorrow unless you say otherwise.
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(13) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Monday, Apr 6, 2020 00:12]

My contact decided to publish the PS separately as an own article. So here it is.
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(14) Posted by Peter Wong [Monday, Apr 6, 2020 09:34]

@Siegfried Good article and thanks for mentioning!
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