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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Knights are OP, please nerf!
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Monday, Oct 4, 2010 09:26]

Knights are OP, please nerf!

(= 8+27 )

This is a diagram of the fields a knight can fork with a king when the king is on d5. And now anyone wonders why there are so many studies with a knight fork?

Since a knight can be placed on a maximum of 2 fields at the same time (by putting it into a knight distance), we get a realistic diagram like this:

(= 2+14 )

What makes matters worse: A knight can be everywhere at the same time in some situations. So multiply this for a single knight:
(= 6+22 )

And here's the practical use of this:
(= 4+3 )

Hermanis Matisonis
Latvis 1923
White wins

The white knight is on the abovementioned fields all at the same time, so 1.Sf4+(xb4) Ke5 2.Ba6 etc wins. Or in normal notation:

1.Sf4+! Ke5 2.Sg6+ Kd5 3.Se7+ Ke5 4.Sc6+ Kd5 5.Sxb4+ Ke5 6.Sc6+ Kd5 7.Se7+ Ke5 8.Sg6+ Kd5 9.Ba6! Kc6 10.Bf3! h1Q 11.Se5+ Kd5 12.Sxf3 Ke4 13.Kd2 Kxf3 14.Kd3 wins

(= 2+12 )

Or, as Troitzky would say it:
(= 8+6 )

Alexey Troitzky
Deutsche Schachzeitung 04/1910
White wins

1.Rb4! Qc8 2.Rb8! Qh3 3.Rh8 Sh4 4.Rxh4 Qc8 5.Rh8 Qb7 6.Rb8 Qxb8 7.Sc6+ wins

And finally:
(= 6+20 )

Used in my study:
(= 9+7 )

Siegfried Hornecker
Schach 12/2009
White wins

1.f6, and:
- 1...Rb1 2.Kg1 Bxb5+ 3.Kf2 Rf1+ 4.Ke3 Rxf6 5.Be6+ Kg5 6.Sf7+ Rxf7 7.Bxf7 Kf6 8.Sc8 Kxf7 9.Sd6+ wins
- 1...Bg2+! 2.Bxg2 Rb1+ 3.Bf1 Rxf1+ 4.Kg2 Rxf6 5.h3+ Kg5 6.b6!! Rxb6 7.Sf7+ Kf6 8.Sd5+ wins
Those knights are really everywhere!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Knights are OP, please nerf!