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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Announces Album Federation chess composition miniature 2016-2018
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(1) Posted by Oleg Efrosinin [Saturday, Feb 8, 2020 09:09]; edited by Oleg Efrosinin [20-02-20]

Announces Album Federation chess composition miniature 2016-2018

selection of compositions in the "Album Federation chess composition miniature 2016-2018 " ("Album") with the number of pieces no more than 7 (seven).
ALBUM (eng):
CHARTER (eng):
Viktor Chepizhnyy:
Certification (EXAMPLE):
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(2) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 17:31]

Such a selection may be useful.
And surely it is not wrong to have a special organisation, that focuses on miniatures.

But with all respect - do we really need a title like "Гроссмейстер шахматной композиции миниатюры" (Grandmaster of Chess Composition for Miniatures)? Whom does it help? Soon someone likes to introduce similar labels, f.ex. "Master of Helpmates in 2", then we will get the "Candidate Master for Proof Games" etc. and so on, and finally everybody got his own title ... hooray!
What are your opinions on this topic?
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(3) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 19:24]

Чем бы дитя не тешилось, лишь бы оно не плакало.
That the child was busy with something and did not cry.
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(4) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Friday, Feb 14, 2020 13:30]

The so-called "Chess Federation of Miniatures" is not a legal entity, so it has no real authority. The very idea of such federations is dangerous and not acceptable, as it can destroy the world chess composition on specific principalities.
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(5) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Friday, Feb 14, 2020 15:03]

The Album FCCM is very good project and I support it.
Miniatures are historical very popular category of chess problems. But on real these problems are not sufficient represented in actual system election for FA. Around the World we have many the awards wih miniatures section as sepa
rate from main tourney. What we have in
FA, only a lot of several
hundred miniatures would be accepted by judges jury.
If we have different journals and magazines which prefere only orthodox or heterodox categories, then also composers have right to found society as actual FCCM.
Former PCCC and succesor WFCC of over 60 years as main governing body in the chess composition are not can to solve question better validation chess problem miniatures. As result chess composers found society named FCCM, separate from WFCC.
Personal, every can to have + or - mention about legality new federation, but now FCCM is only international governing body for miniatures problems in the World and their actions are welcome and safely for all composers, I ment.
We have not problem here, FCCM is second tier international
organization, while WFCC
continue exist as top tier organization.
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(6) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 08:09]

Of course a collection of chess miniatures is a good thing.
But these questions
“ Titles”
Look more like a (bad) joke
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(7) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 09:04]

I completely agree with Jacques. It's OK to collect miniatures. But awarding titles? Can you imagine if now I create organization for reflexmates in three moves with 13 pieces and I start awarding titles. I am sure with a little bit more organizations everyone can be a GM in some area.
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(8) Posted by Jakob Leck [Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 13:39]

I agree with Jacques and Miodrag. Collecting miniatures (and selecting good ones) is clearly a good idea. Having championships, well, if you like... An album, why not? Making it look like the Fide album does not seem adequate. Having a federation (almost like WFCC) is probably too much. And giving out titles for miniature composition is definitely going too far.

Also, in my opinion, the idea of 'miniature' is a little bit overrated. Just look at the statistics:
#number of problems with respective amount of pieces in pdb and yacpdb, as of 16 February 2020
#pieces pdb yacpdb
1 234 15
2 1387 35
3 6200 677
4 24914 5416
5 23441 14267
6 43728 29552
7 72616 58701
8 20643 17101
9 19672 16890
10 21035 18780
11 22361 20329
12 26351 25612
13 22298 22160
14 23797 25005
15 24051 26476
16 23793 28330
17 22748 28784
18 21166 28374
19 18419 26559
20 15654 23025
21 13023 18920
22 9805 14174
23 7239 9655
24 5095 5815
25 3356 3084
26 2320 1382
27 1509 437
28 1195 208
29 847 127
30 692 90
31 299 50
32 729 100

The visualisation of this looks pretty amazing. (I didn't know how to upload one, so make one yourself, if you like.) It clearly shows how over-represented miniatures are in those databases, also, you can even see the effect of the Meredith. Now it's your choice to interpret whether this means that composers are driven to economy, reducing their compositions to 7 pieces or less while following a given idea they started with, or whether they start with the limitation of seven pieces and the term 'miniature' may (sometimes) be an excuse to publish inferior ideas. I personally wouldn't want to encourage the latter.
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(9) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 16:57]

I made a (quick and dirty) image:
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(10) Posted by Jakob Leck [Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 17:12]

Thank you, Hauke. Blue is pdb, purple is yacpdb.
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(11) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Monday, Feb 17, 2020 00:43]

The field of miniatures
chess problems content several separate genres. It is historical limited and accepted special group of chess problems.
Mini-titles are exclellent idea for better popularization mini-chess compositions and once chance for many composers which prefer exclusive such problems. But as next step and only right I see to miniatures from all FIDE
albums 1914-2015 would be calculated in points race for titles in the miniatures field. 2016 year cannot be start year for points race. We cannot ignore over 100 year chess problems history and tradition.
Also, for genre reflexmates some composers which like it they can to found sub-organization. But create organization strictly for R# with 13 pieces it is really fastidious. Such comparations in order to miniatures are undue
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(12) Posted by Oleg Efrosinin [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 06:06]; edited by Oleg Efrosinin [20-02-20]

Colleagues, I thank everyone who has expressed or will express their opinion about FCCM. I will answer the questions that are asked here.
1) Miniature Is a huge popularity among chess players. Having experience editing chess columns in Russia in 15 different Newspapers, I can say that contests for solving miniatures gather hundreds of solvers. Miniatures are also very popular among those who compose them, as can be seen from the graphs above. Miniature is a historically popular direction of chess composition. Whether other directions mentioned above are so popular-the answer is obvious, NO!
2) FCCM, can be legally registered. However, the following circumstances should be taken into account. Given example. The Russian chess Federation is registered in Russia, but the Ministry of sports refuses to recognize competitions for composing chess compositions, i.e. it is IMPOSSIBLE to fulfill the sports norms in them. I know of only one country in the world where sports titles are awarded for composing chess compositions today - Ukraine. Correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, legal registration of FCCM will only lead to restrictions on the conduct of competitions.
3) I would like to add that the titles of the international chess composition Federation (WFCC) do not have a legal status not only in Russia, but also in FIDE, i.e. they are legally fixed exclusively by the internal regulations of the WFCC. Try to find references to international grandmasters in composition on the official FIDE website? As for WFCC's use of the name "FIDE" in their albums, this is the goodwill of the former and current FIDE presidents. Agree, it is strange if a person's name is John, and he introduces himself as Michael...
I did not find it on the WFCC website, where it is registered, tell me if someone knows. Even if THERE is no WFCC legal registration, does it matter?
4) Any artist, and a chess composer is no exception, wants to be recognized by his colleagues. I will emphasize: colleagues, not an official with a large number of bans. . If it is possible to fulfill the norm for those who are involved in creating miniatures in the "FIDE album", then in 100-200 years. So let chess composers do this in FCCM and show their children, grandchildren, and relatives their beautiful certificates and recognition from their colleagues. And let the officials continue to compose their bans.
5) As information, I would like to inform you that more than 200 problems were received at the initial stage of preparing the FCCM Album. As affiliated organizations, FCCM includes the following magazines: "Kudesnik" (Magadan, Russia), "Vratnitsa-64" (Macedonia), "Albino" (Belarus), "Leninsky Zavet" (Voronezh, Russia). This means that their competitions for drawing up miniatures participate in the rating calculation and assigning titles.
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(13) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 09:20]

Then why need another non-existent federation of more dwarf level
with ridiculous titles? In order for someone Efrosinin, who did not succeed on the chessboard (only 7.66 points in FIDE Albums for a lifetime!), according to Freud became significant? For a fly to become an elephant?!
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(14) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 10:27]

in Ukraine they receive monetary and titles for official competitions Fide and WFCC. For miniatures, there will be no prizes and titles anywhere. I also really love miniatures. but I did not give the right of the Federation of Miniatures to assign me 1 category in thumbnails. I don't need him! It is, as always, in the style of some "activists."
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(15) Posted by Torsten Linß [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 10:46]

I consider this a joke and a proof of ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the initiator, who cannot see beyond special competitions for miniatures. What is the point of a mediocre miniature winning a mediocre miniature tourney? A good miniature is one that gains recognition in a general competition! Too often the term "miniature" is used to excuse non-existing or very limited content.

In post (12), point 4) Oleg claims it would take a *miniature composer* 100-200 years to gain any recognition through the FIDE Albums. He should have done a little bit of research and statistics. A search on the PDB [S='FIDE Album' and APIECES <= 7 AND (NOT S='FIDE Album Ann') AND ORIGINALYEAR = '20%%'] lists 64 miniatures published since 2000 that have been selected for the albums. And this list is incomplete! Among those are more than 25 by myself (enough for a WFCC-IM, and I am just a class-3-miniature composer according to Oleg's reiting), and there are others (Selivanov, Paliulionis, Kotesovec,...) who did equally well (not all their problems are listed on the PDB though).

My summary: There is no need for a special miniature federation. And there is certainly no need of titles to honour mediocre chess composition!
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(16) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 16:17]

things are getting more complicated than the problem.
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(17) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 18:50]

I support Torsten's post. The miniature should compete in large competitions, and not create greenhouse conditions for itself.
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(18) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Friday, Feb 21, 2020 03:34]

I'm also.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Announces Album Federation chess composition miniature 2016-2018