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(1) Posted by Joseph Balsamo [Friday, Oct 2, 2009 22:48]

Caissana Brasileira

Unfortunately Caissana Brasileira is not one of the problem books available from Google etc. I have read, however, that at least one regular visitor here owns a copy. I would like to know if there are two Ferreiras represented in the collection. I have seen a number of light #2s credited to “Dr. Ferreira” in various quotes. E.g. (= 7+4 )
The article “Chess in Brazil” (ACM ii/1899, p. 358) states that: “The editor of the “Gazetta [sic] de Noticias,” Dr. Ferreira de Aranjo [sic], interested himself in chess about this time, and his friendship aided the game materially.” This is Dr. José Ferreira de Araújo, founder of the Gazeta de Notícias. Is this the right “Dr. Ferreira”?
On the other hand Idel Becker (Manual de Xadrez, p. 276) mentions a Ferreira Lobo as one of the composers that appeared in Napoleão’s column. WinChloe credits four problems from Caissana Brasileira to Ferreira Lobo, but one of these is credited to Dr. Ferreira in BCM vi/1899, p. 270!
So, to repeat, are there two Ferreiras represented in Caissana Brasileira? How are their names given in the book?
A good series of brief articles could be written about confusable problemists like John Gardner & John C. Gardner, perhaps somebody has done it already.
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(2) Posted by Leo Mano [Monday, Oct 19, 2009 19:19]

Caissana Brasileira, pg.4
N.4 - Pelo Dr. Ferreira (Alfredo)
(= 7+4 )

Mate em 2 lances

Caissana Brasileira, pg.77
N.70 - Por Lobo (A. Ferreira)
(= 5+2 )

Mate em 3 lances

P.S: "Pelo" and "Por" means "by"...

In the introductory chapter (pg. V), Arthur Napoleão quotes shortly the publisher of the Gazette:

"The 'Gazeta de Notícias' publishes to every Sunday section of chess under my direction. The illustrious editor in chief of the Gazeta, Dr. Ferreira de Araujo, also is interested in questions of chess".

Then, Alfredo Ferreira and A. Ferreira Lobo are two diferent composers in fact. May be, Dr. Ferreira de Araujo (the editor) are a 3rd person in the history and not a composer.
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(3) Posted by Roberto Stelling [Thursday, Oct 22, 2009 17:55]

My records coincide with Leonardo's.

Alfredo Ferreira,
A. Ferreira Lobo and
Dr. Ferreira de Araujo

Are three persons and as far as I know only Alfredo Ferreira and A. Ferreira Lobo composed problems published in 'Caissana Brasileira'.
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(4) Posted by Joseph Balsamo [Friday, Oct 23, 2009 19:17]

Thanks to both Brazilian friends for the information! Let me recapitulate:
(1) Dr. José Ferreira de Araújo is the wrong Dr. Ferreira
(2) Ferreira de Araújo, although involved in chess, was not a composer
(3) There are two distinct A. Ferreiras represented in Caissana Brasileira
(4) The one responsible for the problem I quoted is Dr. Alfredo Ferreira
(5) The other is the A. Ferreira Lobo I had seen mentioned in Becker’s book.

I will ask a couple of supplementary questions, but feel free to ignore them:
(a) Dr. Alfredo Ferreira is unfortunately a common name. I saw there were several prominent ones from the right period (1. de Carvalho 2. de Barros 3. Lage, etc.) let alone obscure ones. Do you know anything more about him? (Full name, town, or dates, for example.)
(b) If there is an index in the book: by how many problems are the two Ferreiras represented?
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(5) Posted by Leo Mano [Sunday, Oct 25, 2009 02:40]

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.286
N.59 - Por Lobo (A.Ferreira)
(= 8+6 )

Mate em 2 lances

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.322
N.24 - Por Lobo (A.Ferreira)
(= 9+8 )

Mate em 3 lances

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.323
N.25 - Por Lobo (A.Ferreira)
(= 8+4 )

Mate em 3 lances

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.323
N.26 - Por Lobo (A.Ferreira)
(= 4+1 )

Mate em 3 lances

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.324
N.27 - Por Lobo (A.Ferreira)
(= 5+2 )

Mate em 3 lances

There's no other any Ferreira's problem (Alfredo or Lobo) in Caissana.
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(6) Posted by Leo Mano [Sunday, Oct 25, 2009 02:59]

Caissana Brasileira, Pg.13
N.21 - Por Napoleão (Arthur)
(= 10+4 )

Mate em 2 lances

"This problem was published in a newspaper of New York in 1859 with collaboration of my eminent friend S. Loyd, which added few finishing touches". (Arthur Napoleão, Introductory Chapter pg. IX)
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(7) Posted by Rainer Staudte [Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 12:06]; edited by Rainer Staudte [09-10-28]


I found in Zuncke's miniatures collection under the name Lobo a 4th miniature (Number 35). You can observe this in Turewski's collection
after typing in
Author: "Ferreira".
Something is wrong, either Zuncke made a mistake or you forgot to mention number 35. Can you help to maintain number 35?
Do not wonder, I have just refined the entries in Turewski's collection, i. e. I have renamed the Name of the author and added the problem numbers from Zuncke's entry.
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(8) Posted by Roberto Stelling [Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 13:32]

Problem #35 under 3 movers (in Caissana Brasileira problems are numbered by type so there are more than one #35!) is:

Por Dr. Ferreira (Alfredo)
(= 5+2 )

Mate em 3 lances

So it shouldn't be Lobo but Dr. Alfredo Ferreira.
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(9) Posted by Leo Mano [Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 15:08]

Yes... I forgot this last diagram above (Caissana Brasileira, Pg.60).
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(10) Posted by Roberto Stelling [Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 15:23]; edited by Roberto Stelling [09-10-28]

So problem in Yacpdb is wrongly attributed to A. Ferreira Lobo, it should be Dr. Alfredo Ferreira.
The other three problems (124993, 124994, 124996) attributed to A. Ferreira Lobo o
in the database are correct but, as we see from this thread, some of his problems are not on the database.
Yacpdb entry 124995 is now correctly attributed to Dr. Alfredo Ferreira!
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