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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Quick Composing TT-157 (h#2-n) C. 09-12-2015
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(1) Posted by Aleksey Oganesjan [Sunday, Nov 8, 2015 19:59]

Quick Composing TT-157 (h#2-n) C. 09-12-2015

Editorial board of international web project "SuperProblem" ( announces a quick composing thematic tourney for helpmates.

Awards will be published on the website

View the announcement on the link
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(2) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Monday, Nov 9, 2015 19:54]; edited by Miodrag Mladenović [15-11-10]

Here is my problem showing this theme:

Miodrag Mladenovic
Die Schwalbe 1990
4th HM
(= 3+9 )


a) diagram
1.Kb6 d8S 2.Rc5 Qxb7#

b) wQa8=>h8
1.Kd6 d8R+ 2.Ke7 Qf8#

c) wQa8=>h1
1.Kd4 d8B 2.Sec5 Bf6#

d) wQa8=>a1
1.Bc3 d8Q 2.Kb4 Qb6#

Combination of theme with AUW + bK star.
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(3) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Monday, Nov 9, 2015 20:30]

Wow! Very nice. Deserved a prize, but then Die Schwalbe Tourney is sometimes very strong.
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(4) Posted by Evgeni Bourd [Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 06:52]

The problem is pretty impressive.
Any idea why only 4th HM?
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(5) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 07:29]

It was long time ago but I know that I did not have any complains about the award. It was a strong tournament and there were excellent problems. Also at the time it was not common to see more then three prizes at the tournament. Nowadays there are awards with more then six prizes. To be honest I do like more the old system. I do not think there should be more than three Prizes per tournament. Everyone knows that 4th HM in "Die Schwalbe" is meaning more than Prize in some small tournament.

Actually, in my opinion the ranking system should be changed. I think that tournaments should be categorized based on some criteria (like for example average number of FIDE ALBUM points of 5 top probelmists participating in the tournament). So the tournaments should be categorized A, B, C... Z (the Z category would mean 0 average FA points). And then problems should be ranked by places only. So award should look like: A1, A2, A3 ... or C1, C2, C3.... Of course it's not so simple to develop system like this because there are some issues:
- What to do when there are strong participants who are not sending their problems for FIDE ALBUMS
- What to do when there are anticipated problems. It's almost like category should be defined once when award becomes final (not provisional). So that right average of FA points can be calculated.
- The big problem is how to manage this system. Most likely this would require to have somebody to manage this (like what Marko Klasinc is now for WSC).
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(6) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 07:55]

"It was a strong tournament and there were excellent problems."

Dear Mladenovic .....
I liked very much ur AUW+Star H#2.....
its a Die Schwalbe's theme tourney or informal...?!

Can i get the full award URL
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(7) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 14:46]


(= 2+14 )


Here is the another all four Corners ,twinning the Same Piece Helpmate in 2....

a) Diagram
b) Sa1 ---> a8
c) Sa1 ---> h8
d) Sa1 ---> h1


a) 1.Re5 Sc2 2.Bd5 Sxd4 #

b) 1.b6 Kc6 2.Re5 Sc7 #

c) 1.Se5 Sg6 2.g4 Sf4 #

d) 1.Ke5 Sf2 2.Qe6 Sd3 #

By the Way....
this above nice Problem given to Solving by me to Our "CHESS NUTS GROUP"
in the alternate days of every Week....

In Southern Indian City of Chennai...
Few enthusiastic Chess lovers and friends (mostly Doctors) ,
formed the group in the "Whatsapp Social Media Platform"
I am also one of the member and Helpmates Section editor of the group amongst 94 others...
80 % of the group members are beginners as well as new to Chess Problems....

Now 20 to 25 Solvers regularly responding for every Helpmate Problem.

#2 , weekly 6 tactical puzzles,Synthetics and Endgame Studies are other intresting Sections....

Major Mission of the group is Promoting Knowledge and enjoyment of Problem Chess and Game of Chess....

Our Indian Aces
Mr.CGS Narayanan and
Mr.Kalyan Seetharaman are the notable Seniors in that group.....

Thanks & Regards
Rajendiran Raju
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(8) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 15:41]

Another example by myself:
It was Quick Composing Tournament.
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(9) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 14:41]

Here is the fourth one by Hungarian Master.....from early years...!!

Arpád Mólnár
Magyar Sakkelet 1953

(= 2+16 )


a) Diagram
b) Sa8 ---> h8
c) Sa8 ---> h1
d) Sa8 ---> a1


a) 1.Kf6 Sc7 2.Re5 Se8 #

b) 1.Qc5 Kd8 2.Kd6 Sxf7 #

c) 1.Kf4 Sg3 2.Be5 Se2 #

d) 1.Kd4 Kd6 2.Qc4 Sc2 #

Here is the yacpd link URL
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(10) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 19:01]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [15-11-12]

Nice examples Raju though no comparison to Misha's!
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(11) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Friday, Nov 13, 2015 00:51]

Yes Obviously Dear Raman ...
neither It may be already parallel to him nor We hope yet to get from tt-157....!!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Quick Composing TT-157 (h#2-n) C. 09-12-2015