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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates Sven-Hendrik Loßin, s#6, Schach-Aktiv 10/2010
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(1) Posted by Sven Hendrik Lossin [Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011 15:44]

Sven-Hendrik Loßin, s#6, Schach-Aktiv 10/2010

Although the judge did not mention it, I still like this problem of mine (P1191126):

(= 10+9 )

1.Rf4-a4 (thr. 2.Rg3xf3) 1...Sg7-f5 2.Rg3-f3 Sf5-e3 3.Pf2-e3 (thr. 4.e3-e4) 3...Qf8-h6 4.Bh4-g5 (thr. 5.e3-e4) 4...Qh6-b6 (4...Qh6-g5 5.Qc8-f5 Qg5-f5 6.Pe3-e4 Bh1-f3/Qf5-f3#) 5.Qc8-c5 (thr. 6.Pe3-e4 Bh1-f3#) 5...Qb6-c5 6.Bb3-c2 Qc5-c2#

White wants to force Bh1-f3# but there is still a lot of work to be done. White forces the black queen first to interfere on h6-e3 and afterwards to go to either g5 or c5 which is decisive. Tries are for example 1.Rc4?, 1.Rg5?, 1.Rgg4? and 1.Rfg4?. The problem with 1.Rc4? is that after 4...Qh6-b6 the c-File is closed, while for example 1.Rgg4? has the following defect: After 1...Sg7-f5 2.Rf4-f3 Sf5-e3 3.Pf2-e3 there is no threat 4.Pe3-e4 because the black king has a flight square on d4.
Perhaps there should be an additional wPe5 so that there is another try with 1.Rgg4? Sg7-f5 2.Rf4-f5 Qf8-h6 3.Bh4-g5? Qh6-g5! 4.Qc8-f5?? (without wPe5 3...Qh6-b6 also works in this line). Just an idea.

This piece is about "gestaffelte Lenkung" (dont know the English word for that). I hope that some of you feel the same enjoyment for it like I did and still do. The only problem that I have with it is the existence of the a-file because the bPa5 tells too much about the solution. 7x8-board would be better.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates Sven-Hendrik Loßin, s#6, Schach-Aktiv 10/2010