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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Friday, Sep 28, 2012 14:22]

One Piece

FIDE proposes to change some chess rules. They want to make it a draw when the opponent oversteps the time and you have only:

a) a knight
b) a bishop
c) two knights and the opponent has no pawns

However, FIDE actually thought before making the proposal, so they also enforce that not a forced mate can be possible, as in that case it still would be won if the opponent oversteps time. Some examples of what a forced mate would be:

(= 5+6 )
Vladimir Korolkov
Trud 1935, 1st prize
White wins
1.d7! Ke7 2.Rb8 Bxg3! 3.Ra8! f1Q 4.d8Q+ Kxd8 5.Ba6+ Bb8!! 6.Bxf1 Kc7 7.Ba6 e2 8.Bxe2 Kb7 9.Bf3!! Kxa8

(= 2+4 )
10.Bxc6 mate

Another example:
(= 3+2 )
V. Solovtsov
Shakhmaty 1890
White wins
1.Bd5 a3 2.Ba2!! Kxa2 3.Kc2 Ka1 4.Sd4 Ka2 5.Se2 Ka1 6.Sc1 a2 7.Sb3 mate.

And also:
(= 5+8 )
A. Maksimovskikh & V. Shupletsov
Mongolian Thematic Tourney 1984, 1st prize
1.Sf7+ Kg8 2.Sh6+! Kh8 3.Rb6!! Bxb6 4.Kf8 gxh6 5.Bc3.

(= 3+8 )
5...b1S 6.Ba1 Ba5 7.d5+ Bc3 8.Bxc3+ Sxc3 9.d6 Sb5 10.d7 Sd4!

(= 2+7 )
11.d8S!! Se6+ 12.Sxe6 h4 13.Sd8 h5 14.Sf7 mate

By the way, the proposals can be found at
(Read Only)pid=8888

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MatPlus.Net Forum Endgame studies One Piece