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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Statistics - how to improve
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 14:34]

Statistics - how to improve

I don't have much experience with Buletin Boards usage, let alone writing the software for it. Now, when test period stared, I notice that, from indications presented here, it is not so easy to notice when and where new posts arrived. The statistics (Stats from menu) show only the number of posts which arrived since member's last login before present day, but do not indicate the older posts which have not been read by the member. On the other hand, the icons alongside the title in global and forum table offer more accurate indication, i.e. that there are posts arrived after the last time member has opened the topic for reading (pale icon if there are no new posts, highlited icon otherwise).

I keep track of member's access to each topic and it is possible to provide the precize information. The problem is how to present it clearly, and how to provide a quick direct access to new posts.

Can members with more experience suggest some scenarios for that?
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(2) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Tuesday, Sep 12, 2006 23:37]

I have the feeling that the visual indication "pale icon if there are no new posts, highlited icon otherwise" is somehow broken. Every time I login, the icon is highlighted in most of the threads, even if there are no new posts (for instance, the invitation of hg hg in the General section, where there are no replies). Could you, please, test again? Is the site supporting cookies at the moment, or not?
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(3) Posted by Administrator [Saturday, Sep 16, 2006 03:48]

No cookies at the moment. I avoid cookies since I first time I tried to use them in last century :)) - don't remember exactly, but had something to do with client security settings. But this is not a problem. I keep track for each user of last posts he accessed in each topic, so I have enough information to present accurate statistics. A lot of info to be transferred between server and client, and much more job for programming!

I only keep postponing what is inevitable, waiting (in vain?) for suggestions. However, as soon as I do this (for my temperament extremely boring) job, the suggestions will start arriving in numbers. From my experience this statement is an axiom!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Statistics - how to improve