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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Teddy released
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(1) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Monday, Dec 28, 2015 18:45]; edited by Bjørn Enemark [16-01-05]

Teddy released

I am releasing a new visual interface to Popeye. It is called Teddy and was presented in a beta-version in a lecture at Ostróda. It is available for download at
It has user interface in four languages: German, English, French and Danish. Popeye interface in German, English and French. Language may be changed on the fly.
Pieces may be drawn onto the board and Popeye input is generated at the same time. Twins may be generated the same way. Popeye may be called pressing a button and the result is seen immediately when Popeye is done. It can maintain a collection of problems, everything may be saved to a .tdy-file at any time or when closing Teddy. It can generate diagrams (in colors too) and backup is automatically taken at specified intervals. There is more information on the web-site and on the help screens.
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(2) Posted by Vlaicu Crisan [Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015 21:29]

Is it possible to store the solution next or attached to the problem? I could not find a simple and intuitive way to do that.
Thank you very much for help!

PS: Please also note the Danish tooltip when hovering the menu item "Help" (cosmetic bug).
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(3) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015 22:15]; edited by Bjørn Enemark [15-12-29]

To store the solution was not part of my plans, but of course this request could be implemented. I have to think about how to make it fit into the design. In version 1.0.0 there is no solution for this. To copy the solution into the comments field will not work as multiple lines in that field will be rejected by Popeye.
The tooltip for the help menu should not be there at all. None of the other menus have tooltips.
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(4) Posted by Paz Einat [Friday, Jan 1, 2016 17:11]

Nice program!
A solution module is indeed missing. I assume it can be implemented in the space used for the solving text - as a tab.
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(5) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Tuesday, Jan 5, 2016 16:52]; edited by Bjørn Enemark [16-01-05]

Teddy 1.1.0 is now available for download at
It contains support for saving solutions and various minor fixes listed on the web site.
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(6) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Thursday, Jan 7, 2016 18:06]

Looks nice, but still can not unerstand how to include fairy pieces... Yes, they can be rotated, but after that nothing happen...
In the Help menue is writen that the piece with ? should be used and there will be open two squares for input choice, but I don't see them.
Some help? For Example how to put 180 Rorated Rook as a Rook-Lion, or how to put board on the square with Grasshopper to make it HurdleColourChanging Grasshopper (Andernach Grasshopper)?
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(7) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Thursday, Jan 7, 2016 22:23]

Fairy pieces have to be DEFINED by dragging a rotated piece or a piece with ? over to the fairy piece to the right of the other pieces. Then the two windows will open to allow you to define it. After that the defined fairy piece may be dragged onto the board like any other piece.
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(8) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Sunday, Jan 17, 2016 01:28]

Thanks Bjorn! It works now. But please check the "hurdlecolourchanging" piece. Looks doesn't work - in Teddy is hurdlecolorchanging instead of hurdlecoloUrchanging.
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(9) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Sunday, Jan 17, 2016 02:13]

You are right. A small change for the next release. Until then you must add the U yourself.
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(10) Posted by shankar ram [Sunday, Jan 17, 2016 07:21]

American English: "Color"
Other Englishes: "Colour" ;-)
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(11) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Friday, Jan 22, 2016 23:34]

Teddy 1.2.0 is now available on
It contains board and diagram support for imitator, holes, magic squares, grid chess (standard and orthogonal) and boxes around fairy pieces.
Also an option for starting solving whenever the position is changed.
Settings are automatically transferred from the previous version.
See all changes listed on the web site.
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(12) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Monday, Feb 8, 2016 20:01]

Teddy 1.3.0 is now available on
It now uses qualification (like Sa*c7) in the compact solutions
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(13) Posted by Ján Golha [Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 11:44]

Downloaded file is and not
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(14) Posted by Mikalai Sihnevich [Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 13:17]

It's possible to download 1.3.0 version too if to change the download link manually like:
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(15) Posted by Ján Golha [Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016 16:16]

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(16) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016 01:44]

But please use the link again if you downloaded "by hand". I used the opportunity to correct a couple of details, not knowing that the first 1.3.0 was already in play
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(17) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Saturday, Apr 9, 2016 16:29]

Teddy 1.4.0 is now released at It includes some help for finding twins and also compacting for fairies (but qualification only for FIDE-pieces and not with rebirth, color change, ...) as well as some minor adjustments.
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(18) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Monday, May 30, 2016 14:39]

Teddy 1.4.5 is now available at It includes an option to save a diagram to a gif-file, an information field (for 2.1... or the like) to be placed under the diagram, an information checkmark to indicate that the problem is C+ and a number of minor changes and corrections
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(19) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016 12:58]

Teddy 1.5.0 is now released. See what Teddy can do at
Teddy may be downloaded from
Version 1.5.0 includes support for the Argentinian condition and pieces, improved compression of solutions, including an option to insert linebreaks every 3/4/5 moves and an option to align move numbers less than 10 - and a number of minor changes/corrections.
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(20) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Thursday, Jan 5, 2017 23:14]

Teddy 1.6.0 is now released.
Teddy may be downloaded from
Version 1.6.0 includes support for fen to see/use for diagram positions, allow more than 100 problems in a tdy-file, an option to sort the problems on composer or other fields, an option always to get short notation with qualification - and a number of minor changes/corrections.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Teddy released