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MatPlus.Net Forum X-Files: Anticipations Pam-Krabbe-Rochade, aka Extra-Long, Castling-Anticipated By 65 Years!
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(1) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Friday, Jun 7, 2019 15:41]; edited by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [19-06-07]

Pam-Krabbe-Rochade, aka Extra-Long, Castling-Anticipated By 65 Years!

We all know about Tim Krabbe's famous 1972 puzzle, published by Schaakbulletin, that features extra-long castling, otherwsie named Pam-Krabbe-Rochade castling. Just for old time's sake, here is the problem.

White To Play And Mate In Three

(= 9+6 )

The Solutions (Ripped From Wikipedia)

First Move: 1. e7

1... Kd3 2. e8=Q gxf3 (other moves allow Qe2#) 3. 0-0-0#
1... Kxf3 2. e8=R! (an underpromotion), and now:
2... d4 3. 0-0#
2... Kg2 3. 0-0-0-0#!

I decided to see if this problem was on the Scabwle PBD, and, sure enough, it is. The ID number is P1277303.
Here's a link:

But then I noticed that it had the tag "Anticipated." What a surprise that was!

This anticipate problem is from 1907! This an anticipation by 65 years!

Here's that 1907 problem. The ID number is P1277302. Here's a link:

C. Staugaard, Skakbladet 11/1907

(= 5+2 )

The solution, of course if as follows: 1. e8=R Kxc2 2. 0-0-0-0#

What are your thoughts on this? I thought that I would bring this to everyone's attention, as this section of the forum does say that some anticipations do go unnoticed!

Also, just for fun, here is the shortest possible checkmate by extra-long castling. I found this myself. I previously turned it into a puzzle here on Puzzling Stack Exchange:

The Game:

1. e4 d5
2. exd5 Kd7
3. d6 Kc6
4. Bb5+ Kxb5
5. c4+ Kxc4
6. dxe7 Kd3
7. Qe2+ Kc2
8. Qf1 Nf6
9. d4 Nfd7
10. e8=R h6
11. 0-0-0-0#!
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(2) Posted by Per Olin [Saturday, Jun 8, 2019 16:53]

One more anticipated problem:

Per Olin
Stella Polaris July 1973

(= 5+1 )


Time wise this could have been inspired by the Krabbe problem. I have no memory of seeing that, but it could have been showed / mentioned in some meeting of the Finnish Chess Problem Society. What I vaguely remember is the following:

Author? Source?

(= 2+1 )


In an article in the magazine Suomen Tehtäväniekat, January 1994 I asked for author (Dawson?) and publication details, no response. The same question has been asked around one decade ago, probably here in Mat Plus Forum, no response. Question: can anybody trace the helpmate? - The solutions of both problems are obvious. - The chess rules of today say that castling is a move of the king and either rook of the same color along the player’s first rank; this was not the wording in the 70ies and earlier.
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MatPlus.Net Forum X-Files: Anticipations Pam-Krabbe-Rochade, aka Extra-Long, Castling-Anticipated By 65 Years!