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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 1° Tourney Maroc Échecs
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(1) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Thursday, Sep 23, 2010 11:33]

1° Tourney Maroc Échecs

1° Tourney Maroc Échecs

H2# : Judge Zivko Janevski.
H2,5-3# : Judge Antonio Garofalo.
H3,5- 7: Judge Christer Jonsson.
2# : Judge Jean Morice.
3-7# : Judge Jean Morice.

All theme free

Sent to : Abdelaziz Onkoud , 8 square Molière n°3425 , F-93240 Stains France.
Closing date : 30 06 2011
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(2) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Monday, Nov 7, 2011 21:51]

Award 1° Maroc Echecs 2011 : Section Mats aidés en 2,5-3 coups.
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(3) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Monday, Nov 7, 2011 21:53]

Award 1° Maroc Echecs 2011 : Section mats en 2 coups.
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(4) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Monday, Nov 7, 2011 21:55]

Award 1° Maroc Echecs : Section H3,5-7 coups.
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(5) Posted by Eugene Rosner [Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011 18:57]; edited by Eugene Rosner [11-11-09]

thanks for posting Abdelaziz!
A quick question concerning the #2 prize-winner...are there other existing examples of a wB making 7 obstruction tries?
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(6) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011 18:55]

Sir Jeremy Morse is your friend :-)
(Unless I forget it, I look it up there and answer tomorrow,
if nobody else did.)
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(7) Posted by Eugene Rosner [Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011 21:46]

of course! it's a task! silly me....
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(8) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 11:58]; edited by Frank Richter [11-11-10]

Task by Jaques Fulpius, Journal de Geneve, 1976:

(= 12+12 )

1. Ld7/Lf7/Lg8/Lf5? ...Tc8/Se6/f5/g5!;
1. Lg4/Ld5/Lc4/Lb3/La2? ...h4/Lc5/b4/Lc3/La1!;
1. Lh3! (Zugzwang)
9 tries and solution
There are similar problems with 9 and several with 7 and 8 tries. I cannot understand such an award, this is a very old idea and there is nothing new in this prizewinner.
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(9) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 13:20]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [11-11-10]

The judge, Jean Morice, with no doubt knew well the problem you show - he quoted it in an obiturary of Jaques Fulpius in Phenix 2007.

Here is the probleme of Cramatte :

Jacques Cramatte
Maroc-Echecs 2011
(= 10+13 )

1.Bb8! [2.Rf4‡]
1…Sg6 2.B×g6‡
1…Rf2 2.S×g3‡
1…g5 2.Sh6‡
1…d6 2.Q×c8‡
1…Se2 2.Q×d5‡
1…Q×c4 /Qd6 2.S(×)d6‡
1…Bc7 2.S×e3‡

1.Bg5? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…Sg6!
1.B×g3? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…Rf2!
1.Bh6? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…g5!
1.Bc7? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…d6!
1.Be5? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…Se2!
1.Bd6? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…Q×c4!
1.B×e3? [2.Rf4‡] but 1…Bc7!

I can see a few reasons why this pb received a prize :

1) the general level of the tournament was not very high (following what the judge himself wrote)
2) here, each refutation is by a new b. unit
3) there is a special feature in 1.Bc7? and 1.Bb8! : they introduce the defense (refutation) 1...d6
4) the key looks nice (tough it happens often with this theme)
5) the matrix seems not to be anticipated
6) all in all, the pb looks nice.
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(10) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 13:51]

On the other hand, there is a fair share of judges who rather would not award a prize in a case of absence of prizeworthy problem. It depends also on the overall standards of the source (magazine, journal, etc.). Prize in feenschach has generally more "weight" than Prize in Bojovník.
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(11) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 14:17]; edited by Frank Richter [11-11-10]

I think, a prizeproblem should deserve this award absolutely, not relatively. So just my 2 ct looking at Jaques reasons:
1) If tournament's level is not high, a judge should not cover this giving a prize to the relatively best problem
2) Fulpius problem shows also 7 tries with refutations by different pieces
3) This is a very wellknown feature in such problems
4) In most tasks of this kind the key piece moves to the corner ...
5) May be partly, but the whole idea without any innovation
6) Nice is nice, but not enough for a prize IMHO.
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(12) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 17:13]

The record is Fulpius, but !9! tries (Be6 moves to everywhere except
c8 and the kitchen sink). See Morse for details. From my head, it's

(= 12+12 )

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(13) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Friday, Nov 11, 2011 05:14]

@ Franck :

So, you don't agree with the judge. It's OK.
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(14) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Friday, Nov 25, 2011 11:51]

Award 1° Maroc Echecs 2011 : 3-7 moves
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(15) Posted by Abdelaziz Onkoud [Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 14:54]

Award 1° Maroc Echecs 2011 : H2 moves
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