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(141) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 01:05]

The Russian master Yuri FOKIN has reportedly died on 16 February 2018, on his 93th year (the age of 92).
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(142) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 16:39]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [18-03-10]

In the upcoming Schwalbe, April 2018, three deaths have been mentioned.

Gerard Bouma (10.v.1923 - 27.xi.2017) should be well-known to most MatPlus forum visitors.
Wouter Mees (6.viii.1921 - 25.i.2018) just had recently sent "study greetings" to EG readers. Now a few months later he died.
Newman Guttman (4.iv.1927 - 2.ii.2018) was on the legendary Piran congress. He was U.S. delegate for many years at the PCCC meetings.

EDIT: Also news came in that Mikhail Mishko from Ukraine has died in his 60th year.
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(143) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 23:18]

I remember a very nice study from W. Mees 1940. You will certainly like it (or already know it) : Kh1, Bf8, Na8, Pa2 / Kc6. W wins ; (b) put Pa2 in a3.
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(144) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018 13:01]

AJR sent out news per e-mail that Ignace Vandecasteele has died in Antwerp at the age of 87.

The notable Belgian composer Ignace Vandecasteele has just died, in Antwerp. 26x1926 - 31v2018.

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(145) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Friday, Jun 8, 2018 00:13]

As tribute, this one my pupils appreciated :

Ig. V. 2009 ; Kf7, Rg1 & g2 / Kh3, Rh1 & h2, Pf2. Win (mate in 14).
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(146) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018 09:48]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [18-09-19]

I edited studies for the magazine "Euxinus Pontus" for a few years. Now I learnt that the publisher Stelian Lamba has died. (
Also, the mainly studies composing Virgil Nestorescu has died. (8.ii.1929-21.vui.2018) Very sad. He was a PCCC delegate for Romania for many years. GMCC in 2001.

Adding to the already reported I.V. (Ignace Vandecasteele), the other famous I.V. (Ignaas Vandemeulebrouckes) has passed away now. (17.iv.1934-25.viii.2018)

Unknown to me was Hungarian helpmate composer László Ányos ( who died two days prior to his birthday.
Similarly I didn't know Imants Dulbergs from Latvia. (6.ii.1936-14.iv.2018)

Already reported here, I think, were Ignace Vancecasteele (see above), Vadim Vinokurov (30.ix.1953-7.v.2018), Roger Missiaen ( but are included in this thread also for sake of completeness.

Source for all is the new "Schwalbe" of October 2018, preview version for editors.
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(147) Posted by Paul Raican [Saturday, Dec 1, 2018 14:07]

You can read a last article by the late Virgil Nestorescu in Quartz 46, october 2018.
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(148) Posted by Vilimantas Satkus [Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 18:49]

I am very sad to announce that Mečislovas Rimkus (23/12/1942 - 08/02/2019) has passed away on 8th of February, 2019, at the age of 76, after a short battle with a severe desease. Mečislovas Rimkus was active in many genres but he composed mainly helpmate moremovers. He was international judge.
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(149) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Monday, Feb 11, 2019 03:27]

RIP, my good coauthor Mechislovas...
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(150) Posted by Mihail Croitor [Monday, Feb 11, 2019 13:47]

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(151) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Monday, Feb 11, 2019 15:25]

I liked his helpmates...

RIP my heartfelt Condolences to family & friends◾
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(152) Posted by Marcos Roland [Monday, Feb 11, 2019 16:46]

I was always wondering how could he compose those long, twinned helpmates. RIP.
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(153) Posted by marcin kolodziejski [Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019 17:27]

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(154) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Friday, Feb 15, 2019 00:47]; edited by Branislav Djurašević [19-02-15]

In Skopje (Northern Macedonia) a few days ago passed away well known helpmate composer Petre Stojoski (15.06.1951-12.02.2019). He has 9 points in FIDE Albums. He has sent 6 problems for current WCCI 2016-2018 in helpmates group (,%20Petre.pdf). In WinChloe database his 209 problems are recorded. I got this sad news from his compatriots Nikola Stolev and Boško Milošeski.
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(155) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Friday, Feb 15, 2019 11:30]

Very sad news.
RIP, Petre.
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(156) Posted by Sven Trommler [Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019 21:39]

I'm very sad to inform you that one of my best chess friends Dieter Müller passed away on 18th March 2019.
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(157) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 17:27]

Sad news...Dieter has many friends in Russia. A Wonderful Man!
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(158) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 19:19]

Very sad news. I admired his problems, especially his helpmates. RIP.
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(159) Posted by Marcos Roland [Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 22:28]

Sad news. He was a good, prolific composer, specially in the field of helpmates. I've changed with him some messages, he was a real gentleman. Rest in Peace.
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(160) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 22:58]

Very, very bad news from Germany. Dieter Kutzborski has died today, according to his wife (via Wieland Bruch).
I bought in 2017 on the WCCC his then new book "Verschlüsselte Steine", found it to be a really good book, a really great composer. And now, not even two years later, this great man has died.

I feel bad, especially since I had once written something wrong about him in Die Schwalbe (and apologized later). Now I didn't know him personally. For me "only" another great composer has died, a man whose book, whose compositions, I really enjoyed. But he had many friends, participating in the local chess composer meetings, and for them this will be devastating.
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