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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 13th Belgrade Festival 25-27.05.2018.
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018 22:23]

13th Belgrade Festival 25-27.05.2018.

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2018
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(2) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 10:53]

Are Rook-Locust or Bishop-Locust to be considered as thematic?
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(3) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 22:14]

Mario, here is the negative answer I got today from the judge:
"Definitely, only pure Locusts! And no neutral pieces."
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(4) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 11:49]

Thanks, Marjan!
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(5) Posted by Petko Petkov [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 11:56]

Question by Petko Petkov about BIT-2018

Dear Marjan,
Please for clarification. I hope that in this year in BIT (in section "C" - fairies) , the problems will be awarded only by Judge Dinu-Ioan Nicula but not by the solvers, as it was in previous year. Please confirm, if so. The theme in Section C is very interesting!
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(6) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 13:52]

Yes, Petko!
As announced, the judge of Group C will be Dinu-Ioan Nicula himself.
On Friday, 25. May there will be Composing-Solving event, not Composing-Solving-Judging as previous years.
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(7) Posted by Marcos Roland [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 14:58]

Pity. I liked the try with the collective judgement.
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(8) Posted by Petko Petkov [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 15:28]

Thanks, Marjan!
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(9) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 17:35]

Collective judging showed some good and some bad sides previous years. The problems were to discriminate marks by the more and the less experienced judges, and to motivate some solvers less interested in marking. Perhaps, next time, we should use only the marks by solvers who express their wish to do it?
This year Group C is exceptional case, but the judge could still have time to use solvers' opinions and impressions, if he would need them.
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(10) Posted by Petko Petkov [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 18:57]

Again about BJT-2018 “section C”.

Dear Marjan,

My opinion is that the judge must prepare the award himself - without prior information from the solvers!
Preliminary opinions of solvers are unnecessary in concrete case and may even have a negative effect, as You notes himself speaking for the “solvers-judges”.
I think Dinu-Ioan Nicula is a highly qualified judge and does not need the opinions/ information of the solvers! However, I ask this question to be clearly clarified by the organizers and by the judge himself.
By the way, I will not take part in a competition in which the "preliminary solvers opinions" has such strange "function" that can be used of course only eventually. Self I have awarded a hundreds tournaments , but I have never wanted such "solvers help" in the cited sense or more exactly "such a mechanism of possible “solver`s information".
Of course, if I do not take part in the tournament - it will not any matter. I only express my subjective opinion.But because I have already a few good schemes and it will take me a long time to process them, I want to know if I need to continue my work or not.
I repeat, the theme and the idea of the competition are very good and in my opinion the wonderful J.T. must not be complicated again with questionable "options".
Petko Petkov
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(11) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Friday, Apr 20, 2018 19:58]

Dear Petko,
let me repeat again the previous answer:
"As announced, the judge of Group C will be Dinu-Ioan Nicula himself."
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(12) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Monday, Apr 30, 2018 18:54]

Questin for Group A

In definition we have-
the white piece...withdraws completely from the scene (...)after the key-move.
Then the white thematic piece must be captured after the key?
In both examples n1 and n2 we have such case...
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(13) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Monday, Apr 30, 2018 20:40]

No. The thematic piece should only lose a good position.
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(14) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Tuesday, May 1, 2018 13:50]

Ok Marjan, but I have yet one very important question.
Is thematic White piece complete exluded from play after the key or can to give new mates in solution/try phase ? It is very important here
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(15) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Tuesday, May 1, 2018 14:41]

There are no strict limits about the use of white thematic piece. The key should be spectacular, that is only condition, all else is allowed.
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(16) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Thursday, May 10, 2018 21:19]; edited by Miodrag Mladenović [18-05-11]

Here is the list of confirmed participants at "Open Solving Championship of Serbia 2018". There are 7 GMs, 2 IMs and 4 FMs. Currently the average rating of top 10 solvers is 2439.56 and this will be category 5 WSC solving tournament.

1) GM Filipovic, Marko (CRO)
2) GM Vuckovic, Bojan (SRB)
3) GM Podinic, Vladimir (SRB)
4) GM Kovacevic, Marjan (SRB)
5) GM Mladenovic, Miodrag (SRB)
6) IM Uitenbroek, Hans (NED)
7) GM Wissmann, Dolf (NED)
8) GM Selivanov, Andrey (RUS)
9) IM Kolcak, Marek (SVK)
10) Sidiropoulos, Nikos (GRE)
11) FM Djurasevic, Branislav (SRB)
12) FM Mendrinos, Nikos (GRE)
13) FM Nicula, Dinu-Ioan (ROU)
14) FM Klasinc, Marko (SLO)
15) Konidaris, Panagiotis (GRE)
16) Roland, Marcos (BRA)
17) Papastavropoulos, Andreas (GRE)
18) Perovic, Zivojin (SRB)
19) Radomirovic, Miodrag (SRB)
20) Simic, Milan (SRB)
21) Miletic, Dean (SRB)
22) Serafimovic, Ilija (SRB)
23) Sibinovic, Zoran (SRB)
24) Miljanic, Mirko (SRB)
25) Bojkovic, Slobodan (SRB)
26) Vujasinovic, Mihajlo (SRB)
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(17) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Friday, May 11, 2018 07:42]

One note. If one more solver from the top 50 rating list (rating greater than 2390) shows up, the tournament will become 4th category tournament for WSC.
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(18) Posted by Aleksandr Bulavka [Friday, May 11, 2018 10:18]

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(19) Posted by marcin kolodziejski [Friday, May 11, 2018 13:03]

Aleksandr, do not wait :)
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(20) Posted by Aleksandr Bulavka [Friday, May 11, 2018 20:40]

I bought a ticket to Belgrade. My rating is 2391)))
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 13th Belgrade Festival 25-27.05.2018.