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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 07:38]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [18-03-15]

Zugzwang problems

Our friend Dan Meinking, who once gave me his Alpha Sleuth program[1] and encouraged me to write a book - sadly he died long before I wrote it, as writing was my self-therapy after Milan's death - has invented, here on the MatPlus forum, the zugzwang genre.

His idea was CapZug - short for Capture Zugzwang. Later explorations added other Zugzwang ideas - Check Zugzwang, Mate Zugzwang (which could be considered a variation of s# without checks in the final move), Promotion Zugzwang, etc.
Castling Zugzwang was also shown once, but not under that name, rather as s-00, in König & Turm, of course only achievable with fairy conditions. This was, I think, before Dan came up with his idea.

But I want to revive this. There was the tourney on the WCCC 2010 where he was judge, shortly prior to his early and unexpected death. I stumbled upon some old "feenschach" issues, and this was presented in one. So, let us revive this genre. Create more CapZug problems!

I also saw a condition "SuperBowlChess". It requires to reach the 8th rank with any piece without an opponent reaching the 1st rank. So, can this be done with zugzwang maybe? What opens if we combine this? MateZug SuperBowlChess essentially would be a zugzwang situation where Black reaches the 1st rank with any piece, forced by zugzwang to do so, without White being able to reach the 8th rank in his following move. Capture of the piece on the 1st rank does not defend. The condition is from Andernach 2011, I think. There are similar conditions, such as Chess 8/1, but this one allows for strategic play, as White could have several ways to create the zugzwang - Black having only a pawn would be enough - and would have to make sure his pieces obstruct each other to not reach the 8th rank when Black promotes.

Dan himself combined CapZug with Parryseries, but other fairy conditions are also thinkable. How about Antiandernach Chess? The possibilities are endless and not largely explored.
I will not organize a tourney, but if anyone would organize some memorial tourney for Dan, this would be what I'd love to see there - CapZug. Maybe Cornel Pacurar? What happened to him, does he still read here? Does he want to organize a CapZug fairy tourney?

[1] (if Colleen Meinking reads this, can she tell me if I'm allowed to share it? In case something happens to me Klaus Rubin has a backup, so the program will be preserved in any case, but I'd love to make it available to problemists worldwide as a memento of Dan Meinking.)
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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Zugzwang problems