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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Michielsen wins ARVES study solving
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(1) Posted by Yochanan Afek [Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 02:34]; edited by Yochanan Afek [14-01-28]

Michielsen wins ARVES study solving

The fifth edition of the ARVES study solving day was held this year as usual in Wijk aan Zee, however, for the first time, out of the official program of the Tata Steel tournament owing to a large and painful budget cut. ARVES (The Dutch-Flemisch society for the art of the endgame study) and Probleemblad (The Dutch chess problem association) decided to maintain the continuity of this fine tradition even in a period of global crisis and to hold both study solving and the International Solving Competition after all in the last weekend of January. The schedule allowed the participants a visit in De Moriaan to watch the two last rounds of the super tournament and follow the games of world top grandmasters with live commentary. The new location- De Rel, a leisure and cultural centre in the village, hosted both events with the invaluable assistance of Saskia Scheffer and Matthieu Niesten, the hospitable organizing team in the venue. Tata Steel chess still kindly offered some assistance providing the equipment and online publicity.
16 solvers (of which four were debutants) competed on Saturday, January 25th in the study solving: 15 were Dutchmen and just one “foreigner” (though quite an important one!) –Belgian Marcel van Herck who is by no coincidence also the treasurer of both ARVES and Probleemblad. No special guests were invited and still the field proved strong enough with four over the board International Masters (who happened to seize all top positions) as well as members of the Dutch national solving team Dolf Wissmann and Hans Uitenbroek. The competitors were confronted with 9 original studies provided by Jan Timman, Yochanan Afek, Jorden van Foreest and Jürgen Fleck The last two studies proved too hard nuts for the entire field. The final results introduced a new winner: young IM Joost Michielsen. IMs Piet Peelen and David Klein (the former -winner in 2012) were runners up while IM Twan Burg (winner of the first 2009 edition) had to settle for the fourth place.
Final standings: 1. Joost Michielsen 29 (max. 45)
2. Piet Peelen & David Klein 25
4. Twan Burg 23
5. Wouter van Rijn 23
6. Willem van Briemen 22
7. Harold van der Heijden & Hans Uiterbroek 16
9. Marcel van Herck en Dinard van der Laan 15
11. Gerd Reichardt 14
12. Eric Fraikin 13
13. Dolf Wissman 10
14. René Olthof 9
15. Harm Benak 6
16. Joey Hendriks 2
Tourney organizer was Yochanan Afek while Chief arbiter was Luc Palmans, chairman of ARVES.
On Sunday January 26th the International Solving Competition was held simultaneously in various countries. The Dutch branch took place in De Rel with 13 solvers. Winner of the main category was Hans Uitenbroek followed by Dolf Wissmann. Hans was also the organizer of the event while Peter Bakker acted as the chief arbiter. I guess full standings to follow.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Michielsen wins ARVES study solving