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MatPlus.Net Forum Misc Two favorites of Felix Sonnenfeld
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(1) Posted by Marcos Roland [Saturday, Oct 24, 2009 17:52]

Two favorites of Felix Sonnenfeld

I was "revising" my memories of Felix Sonnenfeld, and the name of Lev Loshinsky came to my mind. He was Felix' favorite composer. Among Loshinsky's problems, at least two are very special to Felix. The threemover I show here was in fact "the best problem ever composed", according to Sonnenfeld (maybe Roberto could correct me if I am wrong; I remember me showing him that problem...).

So, here are the problems. I forgot the solutions...

Lev Loshinsky
M.K. Tshigorin Memorial 1949
1st prize

(= 8+9 )


Lev Loshinsky
Match URSS-The Netherlands 1956-1957
1st prize

(= 11+12 )

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(2) Posted by Milan Velimirović (+) [Monday, Oct 26, 2009 02:23]

the best problem ever composed...

I am not sure which problem I would choose as the best (threemover) ever composed, but I have no doubts who signed it. For me, the following position is one of the greatest wonders ever created on the chessboard:

Lev Loshinsky
Uralsky rabochy 1946
1st Prize
(= 10+8 )

1.Sc2! ~ 2.Sd6#
  1... Kxd5 2.Qb7+ Qc6 3.Sd6#
  1... Rxb5 2.gxf3+ Kxd5 3.Sb4#
  1... Qc5 2.Sd6+ Kxd5 3.Sb4#

Three triple-pin models!!!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Misc Two favorites of Felix Sonnenfeld