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MatPlus.Net Forum General The Big "I'm an unknown Genius and Audience is Stoopid" Whine Thread
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Jun 25, 2007 14:18]

The Big "I'm an unknown Genius and Audience is Stoopid" Whine Thread

Have you ever composed a masterpiece and neither the solvers
(who cares!) nor the judges (Boo!) were able to follow?
But your name isn't exactly Herbert Ahues, bringing you
into an Olympic position where you are *allowed* to throw thunderbolts at the plebs? :-)
Then this thread is your chance to get even!

I start with "Those dummies can't distinguish between
theme and setting" and a few illustrations thereof.

H. Reddmann, SCHWALBE #5652, 2#vvvv
(= 7+7 )

One solver admitted the position was "locker" ("fluffy"?)
but complained about the lack of thematic freshness.
I'm sure he (and possibly the judge - in my last personal
Top 10 the problem was on #6, but lists no laurels)
referred to the tries of the wB. Which isn't the thema
at all. I merely wanted to show as many double-checks
from the same battery. The wB somehow sneaked in during
the composition and played drama queen, distracting
from the action. Moral: Too much of a good thing.

H. Reddmann, SCHWALBE #9594, 2#
(= 7+10 )

One solver pointed out that 1.Sd7! (2.Qe5#)
1...Sd3/Sf3 2.Bf3/Rg4# showed only half of
a half-pin. Correct. I couldn't care less
about that because the theme is just a reciprocal
B/R interference after block. Try it yourself -
the half-pin is needed to make it possible at
all. And has no point beyond that whatsoever.

H. Reddmann, Schach-Aktiv 4/07, 2#vvv
(= 8+7 )

'Such an half-battery has been shown often!'
Yup. The Nowotny either. ;-)
If you followed this years Liga Problemista 2#,
you can easily guess it was planned as an entry,
but then I realized each R has only two thematic
variants and 2+2<3 :-) By that genealogy, the
problem shows two Salazars. Whatever that is.
Eh, stop, in this case I know: exactly that what
I wanted to show, only I didn't know the
technical name. The moral, of course, is that
you don't need a half-battery to show a Salazar,
it's even *harder* to compose one with "random"
moves - but I absolutely loathe "letter problems"
where the thematic moves are "random". Then,
rather a setting that has been shown often.
(To be honest, by far not all solvers complained.)


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MatPlus.Net Forum General The Big "I'm an unknown Genius and Audience is Stoopid" Whine Thread