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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2014
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(1) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Thursday, Feb 27, 2014 22:57]

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2014

Several composers asked me to clarify the #2 theme. The unlucky choice of the Example 1 and the initial formulation of the theme allowed some unintended interpretations. Instead of mentioning the line-closing effects, I should have oriented composers towards thematic unguards of squares c4 & e6.
Here you may find the reformulated thematic stipulation and the Example 2, that should be easier to comprehend:
Serbian language:

My intention was to present a (actual or potential) weakness in white position as a unifying element of (at least 2) black defences & (at least 2) white mating moves.
As the judge, I will give priority to intensive, precise and imaginative presentations of the (possibly new) theme - compared to compositions that simply adjust the thematic stipulation to present other themes and ideas.
The given examples present the theme in the solution phase only. What I'm looking forward is to see the theme spread over different phases in a creative way.
At the moment, my main concern is to hear some of your questions, if there are any doubts left!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2014