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(1) Posted by Michael McDowell [Friday, Mar 22, 2019 20:38]


Is there a generally recognised term to describe a problem where the diagram has more than one stipulation, in different genres (eg S#2 and R#2)?I thought I remembered it being referred to as the Argentine theme, but Milan and Kari's Encyclopaedia gives that name to a completely different idea.
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(2) Posted by Vitaly Medintsev [Friday, Mar 22, 2019 21:47]; edited by Vitaly Medintsev [19-03-22]

Probably the answer is on page 445 of the Encyclopaedia - in the article 'TWINS', 12 type:
Argentinian twins, hybrid problems
The next article proves that I was wrong, sorry :-)
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(3) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 18:19]

Hybrid problems is the usual terminology.
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(4) Posted by Michael McDowell [Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 21:28]

I'd forgotten that I have a copy of Michal Dragoun's dictionary of terminology "Slovník pojmů kompozičního Šachu". This gives two definitions of "Argentine theme". One is the same as the Encyclopaedia (with the same example problem); the other seems to be specifically a problem combining helpmate and helpstalemate stipulations. This must be where I've seen the term before.
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(5) Posted by Anders Thulin [Monday, Mar 25, 2019 10:41]

Loyd used the term 'plural problems' (White, p. 443), which seems to go back to Chess Strategy. It fits the idea: two (or more) problems in the same diagram, varying only stipulation and side-to-move.

But it can hardly be claimed to be a generally recognizable term.
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